DHET Registration submission to Minister under consideration 17

Dear Skills Universe Members, SMME Providers, Close Corporations and all those whom have been concerned of the lack of awareness and guidance on this compulsory application for registration to the DHET.  We have listened to you, and we have in fact submitted the major concerns to the Minister of Education on the 10th May 2017 at 08:26AM.

We have made this submission on the part of all training providers, and particularly Close Corporations, who are being put at risk by the DHET Registration requirement of 10 years ago, and are not being accepted for Registration.

This is an urgent matter that could place thousands of private training providers, employees and learners at risk.  We have requested that the Minister of Education: Dr Blade Nzimande consider our submission in order to bring relief to a stressful situation and further the critical goals of Education, Training and Development in our land.

We thank the all those that have shown interest and support in this journey, and will report back on the outcome.  Please don’t stop supporting this important issue at hand, we could all benefit by contributing our thoughts and support to these businesses.

Thanking you for your support

Lynel and Nigel

JC1 Group


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17 thoughts on “DHET Registration submission to Minister under consideration

  • Nigel Shipston

    Hi Renee,
    They are busy creating all sorts of chaos for themselves. The Communique and other communications have indicated that ALL private training providers must apply. Nowhere does it say that your application is subject to what type of company you have. So, firstly, make sure you comply by submitting your application. Secondly, the regulation clearly states that the registrar must acknowledge your application, so if they try and send you away without having properly received your application, insist that the application be received as per their very own regulation. What they do after they have received and acknowledged your application we will deal with later, but for now, apply so that they cannot come back at you and say you didn’t apply.

  • Colette Tennison

    Hi Renee. You are right, Lynel and Nigel are doing amazing work! As Lynel pointed out on another post, you definitely still need to go ahead with registration as the consequences for not complying are major. There has been no feedback yet regarding possible extensions or changes so if you have at least got proof of submitting your application by the 30th of June you are seen to be compliant for the moment. Correct me if I’m wrong @lynelfarrell?

  • Renee' McGibbon

    Dear Lynel and Nigel,

    Once again you have come through for us. A huge THANK YOU!

    A quick question – does this mean that SMME’s and CC’s need to still “try” to register with the DHET by 30 June 2017?

    Warm regards to all.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Kate, Douglas and Tando, thank you so much for your comments and support, it is really appreciated. We do hope that this submission will make a difference. In this difficult time that we are facing, we need to stand together and work on solutions, and solutions we shall seek, as it does have a negative effect on thousands of businesses, their employees, contractors – and most importantly, their learners. I do hope that there are loads of support out there, as we need all the support we can get.

  • Nigel Shipston

    Thanks Tass, when I pressed the Send button it felt more like a planet rather than just a mountain we had taken on! But it is done, so let the planet come!

  • Nigel Shipston

    Hi Kate, thank you! Like I said to Douglas, with enough support we can make things happen. The training sector seriously needs to have a look at unity in these circumstances, so any support we can get is most welcome.

  • Nigel Shipston

    Hi Douglas, appreciated! Lynel and I seem to be ideally situated to address issues like these on behalf of training providers and SMME’s in particular. Training providers need to focus on their training efforts and not be sidetracked or put under pressure by ill thought out processes. And with all your support, I am sure we can make a difference.

  • Douglas tachiona

    Thank you Nigel and Lynnel for your out of the box, selfless and proactive thinking, we surely need people like you with the interest of the masses at heart not just a few. we hope and pray you will win this battle on behalf of all small companies who are trying their level best to contribute to the economy and also put food on their tables. God Bless

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Thank you Tass, it is appreciated. This have taken a long time to get to this point, we followed the “reporting line” correctly and await the outcome. We do hope that our submission will be considered to get relief for SMMEs soon. We will keep you informed for sure. Thank you once again.