URGENT: All Close Corporation Accredited Training Providers 13

Dear Skills Universe Members,

Please be advised that we are now in the process to forward our concerns raised with the Close Corporations being turned away or rejected by the DHET to the Minister of Education.  We have been busy with this issue for the past couple of months now.  It is time to address this at the highest power in order to get a solution.  Here is what we need as a matter of urgency: 100 Close Corporations whom are accredited skills developing providers – no matter where you are, with whom you are accredited with, small or big – we need your support now – this will help thousands of other small providers.

We need the following:

Name of Company – Registration Number – Province – Contact Name and number – if you do not want to place your details here, please urgently email me your details, so that we can add this list of concerned providers to the motivation to the Minister of Education.  This is the last opportunity, and we will support you!

You can send me an email at lynel.farrell@gmail.com

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13 thoughts on “URGENT: All Close Corporation Accredited Training Providers

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Thank you so much Abbey, we need all the support we can get now. We completely agree with you that Government should support SMMEs not break them down or discriminate against them because they are small. The small SMMEs are hard workers, and they look after their learners. We will keep you informed on Skills Universe, as soon as we submit our motivation to the Minister of Education. Thank you for your support, this will go a long way.

  • Abbey Ntswana

    This is really unfair. I support this campaign to raise our concerns about close corporations. It is not even our decision that the government decided to do away with CC. The government needs to be supporting SMMEs.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Dear Skills Universe Members, we are short of 10 more Close Corporations before we can submit our motivation to the Minister of Education. Please spread the word, we only need 10 more!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Please members, we are reached the half-way mark. Please spread the word to Close Corporations that are accredited training providers nationwide. We need support in order to support these small businesses.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Francois,
    Thank you for this, we have gone above the Deputy Director, and our issue is now at the DHET’s legal department. Unfortunately, the turnaround time will not be sufficient for small companies, so we move forward to the 2nd last option, but with support, names and very detailed! Thank you for this, I will make a note for sure. Please spread the word! We need more Close Corporations – nationwide!

  • Francois Meyer

    Hi Lynel, I got a surprise when I was contacted by Monica Motloi re my queries. She also said I could call her for help if I needed any.
    This came after I contacted the following person complaining about the ” no response from DHET”. Mr A Monageng

    Deputy Director: Private Higher Education Institutions

    Tel: 012 312 6184

    Email. Monageng.A@dhet.gov.za
    Francois Meyer

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Des, I received your information, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. May I please ask you to forward me your request that you sent to the Minister? I could add this to the big draft we are busy with. Thank you for taking this stand with us Des, it is really appreciated. I hope others will follow this important submission, it could really benefit all the small providers. We can make a difference, thank you Des!

  • Des Squire

    Hi Lynel, I sent my information by e-mail this morning, hope you got it?
    I wrote to the minister about two months ago in regard to this and other related issues but have received no response. Keep up the good work.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Company Name, Registration nr, Province, Contact Name, Contact Number

    This is so important to get at least 100 Close Corporations!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Please, if you know of any providers in your province whom is in the process of applying for registration to the DHET, please get them to email me. This is a matter of urgency.