URGENT Compulsory Application for Registration to the DHET – deadline 30 June 2017 10

Dear Skills Development Providers (South Africa SETA Accredited Training Providers),

What is the consequences if you do not adhere to this compulsory application for registration to the DHET?

The 30 June 2017 deadline relates to registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training, not the QCTO. You only need to apply for accreditation with the QCTO if you intend to offer one of the 138 new occupational certificates. (Please note that the number of qualifications are increasing)

If you fail to submit your registration application with the DHET by 30 June 2017 then the following will most probably happen:

  • You could be prosecuted by DHET for operating without registration and listed as a ‘bogus college’ and/or noted by SAQA on its register for misrepresentation.
  • Although this has not happened yet, the QCTO and the DHET may inform the SETAs (and other QAPs for that matter) to verify registration of all accredited providers and implement a corrective action process to ensure registration is completed as a matter of urgency.

In terms of the Act, a person who offers or pretends to offer FET qualifications or purports to perform an act on behalf of an FET college without being registered is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both such fine and imprisonment. The Act further stipulates that a person, who pretends that a qualification has been awarded to him/her by an FET college, whereas no such qualification has been so awarded, is guilty of an offence and is liable, on conviction to any sentence, which may be imposed for fraud. NO private college is allowed to offer FET qualifications unless its application has been approved by the Registrar.

For the past 6 months now, we have been working on solutions to the compulsory stipulations regarding the application for registration at the DHET.  Yes, it is true, it is compulsory and all Skills Development Providers (Accredited Training Providers as we know it) must adhere to the requirements. Whether you are accredited with a SETA or with the QCTO (either way – it is compulsory)

We have done extensive work, engaged with various Authorities, communicated on specific requirements to get a possible solution for you.  We are ready to assist you with this application.  When I say “we” there are 3 Consultants that evaluate your application for quality, compliance, sufficiency and completeness.

So why even bother to make use of our services?  Well, we have done the ground work already, have closed the gaps on requirements, implemented a process with quality checks, and used the most professional consultants to conduct evaluations for you, compile your application to meet the requirements of DHET, ensure that your information is confidential.  Even personally hand deliver your application to the DHET in Pretoria!

Off course you can do this yourself, make use of the staff you have, spend hours in figuring out whether you meet the requirements or not, continue to email for clarification, age another 10 years within a matter of a month, stop your operations completely…………………… or, you can make use of us? 

Yes, there is a fee involved, which was carefully worked out, considering all aspects, such as downloads, emails, phone calls, printing, compiling, validation and evaluation, ensuring all requirements are met (if not, we assist in these too), personally deliver your application to the DHET in Pretoria.  We have reduced our personal hourly rate to accommodate everybody. The fee is R2940.00 which includes the R500.00 to the DHET – this is not at all done to make money (we hardly cover the expenses)

Yes, it is a tight budget for us, but quality assurance is not taken out of this budget, it is our reputation on the line and we will not disappoint you!  We ensured that we can assist all providers no matter how big or small.  We are affordable, and ready to take away your administrative nightmare away with this compulsory application.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website:  www.JC1-2016.com

You may email me should you not understand this compulsory stipulation, or if you are uncertain that this applies to you.

There are other Consultants also assisting SDPs nationwide with this compulsory application to the DHET and their costs are just over R10 000 per application, you are more than welcome to make use of them too!

No matter whom you use for assistance, or whether you will do this on your own, the importance of this application is crucial.  Please ensure that you meet all the requirements and adhere to all the stipulations.  Get your application for registration to the DHET submitted before the 30th June 2017!

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10 thoughts on “URGENT Compulsory Application for Registration to the DHET – deadline 30 June 2017

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Dear Providers, please note that there are various consultants and companies now offerring to assist with your applications. The going rate from these businesses are in the region of R9 920.00 excluding vat. I am not sure how they get to such an amount, as this is not to make money, but to help businesses.
    Those whom opt to make use of our services, the fee will not increase and will remain R2940.00 – but you are more than welcome to make use of the other businesses and consultants at 4 times the price! The importance of your application remains important, no matter what route you take. Please ensure that your application reaches the DHET by no later end of business day 30th June.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Lumka,
    The best way to submit is hand deliver. Before your file is accepted by the DHET officers, they actually go through your file to see whether they will accept it or not. The postal services will let you down, and your application will only reach the DHET next year if you are lucky. Hand delivery in my experience was the best option, as you can immediately engage with the officials, when they want to send you back with your file. You know the file, you know the history. I would suggest that you go through your application 100 times, look at the guidelines 200 times, and ensure that you have in fact addressed each and every component of the application. It is time consuming for sure, but the last thing you want is: going all the way to the DHET offices, and be turned away because of one simple mistake or one single stamp that is not there. I saw this with my own eyes, and was devastated to say the least.

  • Lumka Gcorha

    Hi Lynel.

    I am busy with the form now so when I am finished, do I have to send it via post or hand deliver?

    Thank you

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Good Day Rev Dr James. Our focus on this Discussion is the compulsory application for registration to the DHET, whereby the deadline is 30th June 2017 (next month). Accredited Certification? After one month, it could not be a full qualification, is this for single unit standards? If so, you will be able to obtain a statement of results to the learners once the verification process have been concluded by the SETA, and the uploads to the MIS/Database of the SETA have been completed. Hope this helps. Please ensure that if you place any logo(s) from a SETA on your “achievements”, attendance or certificate of appreciation, you must get permission to do so from the SETAs


    I have NPO which offers restorative justice program at St. Albans correctional Centre for a month and after that I issue a certificate of appreciation. What I want now is to issue an accredited certificate to my participants.

  • Andrew Friedemann

    Is anyone else finding this an impossible task…. Lets show how many people are involved.

    As much as I would love to comply, I cannot see it happening as there was no legal reason to keep the records they want in our previous business model, so we simply do not have them. Besides the model we operate against ‘makes no financial sense’ but we did it anyway because it was good for the industry we personally have gained so much from.

    We are initiating a process to get all learners off our system before the end of June. What happens after that we will wait and see. Considering we are the ONLY provider who offers what we do, the Department of National Tourism is going to have to catch the ball on this one when Adventure Guides can no longer comply with the Tourism Act due to there being no training provider in the country. Would love to hear the judges comments when DNT tries to prosecute a Guide when there is no means for them to comply. Perhaps they just plan on shutting tourism down. I do not think this whole thing has been thought through.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    And so I submitted some applications today at the DHET office in Pretoria. I felt so sorry for the providers that have travelled to submit and was turn away because of paperwork not in order, not as per the DHET requirements, not sufficient, not enough ……………. I think I hugged 2 providers that was in absolute distress.
    Please go throught the guidelines, follow the procedures accordingly, this is no JOKE! I am fortunate to have walked out of the building with receipts and not one file rejected.

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Providers, please be advised that the DHET is in fact making surprise visits, whereby they will just walk into your business and start asking questions. Stay calm. Your priority is to get your application in by the 30th June – please adhere and comply. If the DHET staff walk into your building, be calm, ensure you note down their name and surname, and stay professional at all times. If you are not sure what is going on, email me. Let’s comply and adhere. This is just the start, let’s work together.