Private education sector expected to boom 5

The public sector cannot meet the demand for education as the middle class continues to grow, which is good news for private providers. 

Added to that economic and political instability has prompted individuals to look for options outside of government funded or public sector schools and universities.

This need to provide broader, quality education has created a gap in the market for private providers.

The private education sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, with private providers in the rest of Africa lining up to partner with credible and experienced counterparts in South Africa, to be able to sustainably grow in response to the huge demand for quality basic and higher education institutions,” says Jaco Lotz, who heads International Business Development at ADvTECH.

However the public has also become more informed on issues of accreditation and credibility, and private providers need to position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity.

Jaco Lotz talks about the possibilities for private providers and the future of education in Africa.

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5 thoughts on “Private education sector expected to boom

  • Kate Sani

    Agreed Lynel. ADvTECH’s (from whence this comes) remarks are very specific to the basic and higher education fields – with 16 institutions in their stable including Rosebank College, Crawford College, Trinity House, IIE Vega, etc. ADvTECH is in a different league, and in a different education “space” than private Skills Development Providers.

  • Lynel Farrell

    Hi Cindy,
    I totally agree with you. We cannot give up and need to work together. It is a difficult time for providers, and we must take this journey together. It will have an impact to the future learners.

  • Cindy Payle Post author

    Hi Lynel
    It is a pity that red tape has become a stumbling block for so many. But we hope that those in the skills development sector won’t give up because whenever a South African is upskilled it is another step forward for us as a nation.

  • Lynel Farrell

    It is really nice to see that some private providers are growing and are satisfied with their work and how they are treated, however, this doesn’t count for the majority of private providers in South Africa. They are facing “red tape” stipulations that will force them to close down for good and become part of the unemployment stats. Wishing and hoping for a balance of fairness to all, especially the very small providers that is trying to upskill learners, no matter where, no matter how hard.