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Dear Members, for a couple of months now, we have been working on solutions to the compulsory stipulations regarding the application for registration at the DHET.  Yes, it is true, it is compulsory and all Skills Development Providers (Accredited Training Providers as we know it) must adhere to the requirements.  Whether you are accredited with a SETA or with the QCTO (either way – it is compulsory)

We have done extensive work, engaged with various Authorities, communicated on specific requirements to get a possible solution for you.  We are ready to assist you with this application.   When I say “we” there are 3 Consultants that evaluate your application for quality, compliance, sufficiency and completeness.

So why even bother to make use of our services?  Well, we have done the ground work already, have closed the gaps on requirements, implemented a process with quality checks, and used the most professional consultants to conduct evaluations for you, compile your application to meet the requirements of DHET, ensure that your information is confidential.  Even personally hand deliver your application to the DHET in Pretoria!

Off course you can do this yourself, make use of the staff you have, spend hours in figuring out whether you meet the requirements or not, continue to email for clarification, age another 10 years within a matter of a month, stop your operations completely…………………… or, you can make use of us? 

Yes, there is a fee involved, which was carefully worked out, considering all aspects, such as downloads, emails, phone calls, printing, compiling, validation and evaluation, ensuring all requirements are met (if not, we assist in these too), personally deliver your application to the DHET in Pretoria.  We have reduced our personal hourly rate to accommodate everybody.  The fee is R2940.00 which includes the R500.00 to the DHET – this is not at all done to make money (we hardly cover the expenses)

Yes, it is a tight budget for us, but quality assurance is not taken out of this budget, it is our reputation on the line and we will not disappoint you!  We ensured that we can assist all providers no matter how big or small.  We are affordable, and ready to take away your administrative nightmare away with this compulsory application.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website:

Yours in Quality

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12 thoughts on “Application for Registration to the DHET: JC1 Group at your service!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Dear Skills Universe Members, please note that there are only 10 weeks left to get your application for registration to the DHET! Do not delay this, it is crucial!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi Tass, thank you, this is really appreciated. We will be updating the website as and when we get more information from the DHET. Thus far, we are concerned that Providers are delaying this process, I hope they will apply in time (this is crucial)!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    What is the consequences if you do not adhere to this compulsory application for registration to the DHET?

    The 30 June 2017 deadline relates to registration with the Department of Higher Education and Training, not the QCTO. You only need to apply for accreditation with the QCTO if you intend to offer one of the 138 new occupational certificates. (Please note that the number of qualifications are increasing)
    If you fail to submit your registration application with the DHET by 30 June 2017 then the following will most probably happen:
    · You could be prosecuted by DHET for operating without registration and listed as a ‘bogus college’ and/or noted by SAQA on its register for misrepresentation.
    · Although this has not happened yet, the QCTO and the DHET may inform the SETAs (and other QAPs for that matter) to verify registration of all accredited providers and implement a corrective action process to ensure registration is completed as a matter of urgency.

    In terms of the Act, a person who offers or pretends to offer FET qualifications or purports to perform an act on behalf of an FET college without being registered is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both such fine and imprisonment. The Act further stipulates that a person, who pretends that a qualification has been awarded to him/her by an FET college, whereas no such qualification has been so awarded, is guilty of an offence and is liable, on conviction to any sentence, which may be imposed for fraud. NO private college is allowed to offer FET qualifications unless its application has been approved by the Registrar.
    For the past 6 months now, we have been working on solutions to the compulsory stipulations regarding the application for registration at the DHET. Yes, it is true, it is compulsory and all Skills Development Providers (Accredited Training Providers as we know it) must adhere to the requirements. Whether you are accredited with a SETA or with the QCTO (either way – it is compulsory)

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hi everyone, please note there is only 55 business days left for the compulsory application for registration to the DHET! Don’t delay this process, you have lots of public holidays to work on this – don’t delay this important registration!!!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Teta email sent to their Accredited Providers (SDPs) reads:
    Importance: High
    Dear Skills Development Providers
    As per the joint communique 1 of August 2016 all Skills Development Providers Accredited that offer Occupational Qualification or Part Qualifications (skills programmes, irrespective of whether is a standalone unit standards) on the Occupational Qualifications Sub framework; by law are required to register with the Department of Higher Education and Training. Please note that this is not negotiable nor optional and people can not plead ignorant to this. For more information regarding the registration please contact Ms. Vuyokazi Patuleni on
    Nkosinathi Thango (TETA)

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Eyewitness News: JOHANNESBURG – Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande says the South African Qualifications Authority will soon name and shame holders of bogus qualifications on its website.
    The department says they hope this move will curb the prevalence of qualification forgeries.
    Last year, Nzimande published new regulations that will require employers to validate and verify their staff’s qualifications.
    The authority’s Shirley Lloyd says those found guilty of misrepresentation or forgery will suffer severe consequences.
    “If any kind of fraud is suspected, the South African Qualification Authority or Saqa, will report that to the police.
    “And should there be a successful prosecution through the courts and a person is found guilty of fraud in that case it will a fraudulent activity, that’s an offence and the offence carries, either a significant fine or it carries a jail sentence.”

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    28 March 2017
    DHET opens cases against fraudulent private higher education colleges

    The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has formally lodged a total of 21 cases with the South African Police Services (SAPS) in the past four years to investigate suspicions of unlawful practices in the private higher education sector.

    The pending cases were reported between 2012 and 2017 and are at different levels of investigation with the SAPS. They range from allegations of unregistered institutions, illegal use of qualifications and offering of unregistered programmes.

    Registration and regulation functions for private higher education institutions are governed in accordance with the Higher Education Act No. 101, 1997 and Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions (Gazette No 39880, 2016).

    The requirement to register a private higher education institution only applies to institutions offering learning programmes that result in the awarding of qualifications such as certificates, diplomas or degrees at higher education level.

    The purpose of the legislations is to ensure that institutions operate within the law, have the necessary resources, capacity and expertise to offer acceptable standards of higher education qualifications that are also aligned with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

    DHET is aware of several colleges and institutions either not duly registered with the Department in accordance with regulations or purporting to offer unaccredited higher education programmes.

    In dealing with these institutions the Department will from time to time embark on mass public awareness campaigns at targeted major public venues and taxi ranks around the country to sensitise both prospecting students and parents on the pitfalls of illegal or bogus colleges.

    Early in 2017, the Department in partnership with local law enforcement authorities forcibly shut down several fake colleges during an impromptu inspection blitz in Braamfontein and downtown Johannesburg for operating fraudulently and contravening the relevant legislations in the private college sector. Some of the cases were referred to the police for further investigations.

    The Department will continue to monitor the status of these cases through regular contact and enquiries with the relevant investigating officers.

    The Department urges matriculants and students seeking study opportunities to be vigilant and to ensure that they authenticate the accreditation credentials of institutions before enrolling.

    Prior to enrolment, students are urged to thoroughly verify the credentials of private colleges or institutions by contacting DHET Call Centre on 0800 87 2222. The Department also maintains a full record list of both registered and unregistered private higher education institutions, private Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and skills providers which is available at:

    Information can also be obtained by visiting the Department’s Client Centre at 123 Francis Baard Street in the Pretoria CBD or by contacting DHET local district offices directly. Local district office details are available on

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Sometimes I wonder, why do I do what I do, assisting and guiding providers nationwide, with regulations and stipulations in order to secure their business? Many members will stand behind me, as we have walked this road, with bumps, potholes, going off track, getting back on track, facing various issues, concerns and stressful situations trying to ensure that learners are given quality education, being upskilled and treated with respect. Our learners is our priority, always have been, always will be (no matter how hard it is out there).
    Today, I was my normal self, trying to convince a provider that the application is compulsory, and very important as it will affect their business if this is not done. The problem wasn’t the application per se, but in fact the problem was me. I did not meet their requirements to assist them with the application. To make this worse, I repeated: you do not have to make use of my service, but your application is important. As long as you meet the deadline of 30 June 2017 end of business day. Being treated as if you are a criminal, and being told that any document I forward is not worth the paper at all, was a low-blow to me and I cannot express how this has in fact impacted me negatively. So, now I ask you with tears in my eyes, do I deserve to be treated like this? Did I do something wrong? How do you pick up the pieces, when you have worked over a decade with private providers and Employers doing your utmost best, to give it your all?
    Is there room for improvement in how I deal with providers, learners, Authorities? Naturally I will say yes, as there is always room for improvement, this is how I learn and I do believe that many members will say the same here.
    I just had to get this off my chest. Someone, somewhere will treat me different, with respect, the same as I would treat them. I am here to assist providers, because you are important to me.
    I will continue working with providers no matter what. So, I won’t give up on you, are you going to give up on me?

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hello everyone! What did you do to help others this week? Did you spread the word to providers to ensure that they complete their compulsory application for registration to the DHET? Let’s take a stand together, notify others please. This is so important, and we need to adhere to these stipulations.
    Make your efforts count, we can make a positive difference in securing those whom still don’t know about the application for registration to the DHET – deadline 30 June 2017 – yes, that right – time goes by quickly, don’t delay, apply today!!

  • Lynel Farrell Post author

    Hey Tass, thank you so much for your kind message and comment. We really appreciate this so much. The main goal here is to secure training providers (SDPs). We had to lower the cost, in order to accommodate everyone – so this is not for our benefit but for the providers. We will take good care of your client. Quality submissions are most important to us. We will continue with our work and assist providers with this admin nightmare (as they call it) – thank you Tass! Your are super cool!

  • Tass Schwab

    I am about to engage with Lynel on this for one of our Clients who needs to wade through the process. Firstly the costing is really low (these three need are raise someone) I feel completely at ease that when my client engages with them. You go Team DHET!! Thank you for the selfless service you are giving.