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With the aim of reducing traffic congestion, the City of Cape Town has appealed to employers to consider introducing flexible and remote working solutions.

Cape Town is reported to be the most congested city in South Africa.

Improved access to public transport, incentivised parking and carpooling are some of the solutions proposed by the City to address this challenge.

The City says it will also engage with employers to consider flexible working hours and compressed work weeks to alleviate peak hour travel.

The idea is to shift the times that people travel to and from work.

Remote working has become a worldwide trend but in South Africa the concept is still a relatively new one. However overcrowding and peak traffic is prompting local leaders to seriously consider this trend.

What do you think?

Is remote working viable? Does your company offer flexible working hours? Should more companies provide this option?

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One thought on “Should employees work from home?

  • Carl Roodnick

    Both as an affected employee and as an employer, your company’s decision to allow for flexible and/or remote working hours, needs to be a strategic business decision rather than an altruistic knee-jerk reaction to an external situation or a populist response to a political appeal.

    My company operates on the bases of both – flexibility and working from home – provided there are adequate customer-facing and/or virtual alternatives for customer engagement.

    Out-of-the-box logistical solutions could include moving to or decentralising the company closer to your employees’ residential suburbs, thereby shortening their travelling times, and reducing their exposure to congested highways.