What do you think is the very best employee benefit ever?

Each of us have an idea of a dream job or a dream company we believe we’d love to work for. Some of our fantasies may be accurate and sometimes, without us knowing it, it could be the worst decision we’ve ever made. But what is it that makes a company appear to be so much fun? What is it that makes us feel that another job would be like living a dreams as opposed to our current realities?

Usually the answers to these questions are along the lines of, “it offers amazing travel opportunities” or “the company has so many perks it must be amazing to work in that environment”. And this makes sense. We spend most of our time at work. Many of us, still in the beginning of our careers, are still living hand to mouth. This means that we spend an inordinate amount of time at work and then focusing on work because without work we are ruined. This is not ideal but certainly a reality for many. So, if we daydream it is about working for companies the likes of Google who has nap pods (one of many incredible perks) or Netflix who offers both men and women a year off when they have a baby. Of course, not everyone can work for Google. So when looking to find a new job, it is a good idea to do some real groundwork into finding out about the particular company you’re about to apply to. While figuring out the company is important you also want to try and ascertain what benefits and perks are offered.

Benefits and perks can be many different things

What you might value as a benefit someone else might completely disregard. But the one overriding benefit that is considered the very best across the globe, is the benefit of having a company pay a portion or the full cost of your medical aid. Most people value this above all else because medical aid, any type of medical cover is inordinately expensive. This medical benefit might only include the healthcare offers of hospital plans and yet, knowing this is covered in the event of an emergency gives all of us a big sigh of relief.

Business owners listen up too

Conversely, if you are a business owner reading this then it’s worth it to pay attention to the fact that medical benefits rank high up on employee’s agendas. By offering a valuable benefit such as this you and your company will reap rewards too. Firstly, you’ll attract the talent you want. If you’re looking for high quality talent but you know you can’t pay out enormous salaries you can compensate with awesome perks. Including something like medical aid and then perhaps another smaller perk like breakfast snacks each morning, your offering will look extremely attractive. You will find candidates who value that and together with the salary their interest will be piqued.

What’s more, you can curb absenteeism in the workplace when you offer medical benefits. Your employees will know that they can seek medical assistance whenever they need it and they won’t have to be absent for days on end waiting in lines at government hospitals or clinics. As an employer you don’t have to be Google or Netflix to end up with a good team, offering your staff positive incentives that actually assist them will see them remaining loyal and committed to your company.

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