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As part of my research project on Distance Learning I would really value your input and your thoughts on how you feel about distance learning making use of technology based learning and communicating online with a subject matter expert (tutor).The project is based on is a National Certificate Occupational directed Education and Training Development. Level 5
Perhaps share your experience on distance learning? What is your questions/fears/ knowledge of making use of distance learning? or how can this improve your lifestyle, knowledge, work improvement ect? Remember this is NOT LIMITED TO SOUTH AFRICA ONLY
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7 thoughts on “Distance Learning

  • Wilma Rossler Post author

    Dear Kate, 

    Thank you! I will definitely so and search Gilly Salmon work. My research project is not really online learning, but only making use of a tutor that is online available to work through the learning process. The learner will still receive all the learning and assessment material as he/ she would have been in class. I want to gather information from learners on how they would be able to deal it. 

  • Kate Sani

    Hi Wilma. Are you aware of the work done by Gilly Salmon on on-line learning (google her work), and of course the Commonwealth of Learning, South African Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE)? Many interesting resources and discussions and case studies.

  • Xolile Hans

    Wilma. Tutors at Unisa are available for all of us to render support when needed but we sometimes try and do things on our own when we see that we are coping. It only comes to mind when there are challenges. I have not been in a position that warranted me to contact my lecturers. Online training centres are the new way of doing things as training is becoming mote technology based.

    yes I would consider online training centres.

  • Wilma Rossler Post author

    Xolile Thank you so much for your feedback. Are you able to make use of a Tutor at Unisa ? Would it be more challenging or easier for you to submit your assignments in hard-copy or does online submissions make it easier? 

    Would you also consider online training centers ? 

  • Xolile Hans

    Dear Wilma, I am currently studying through UNISA as I cannot or do not have the time and money to study full time by attending lectures. This works for me because, I am able to do all my assignments and submit them timeously, although I sometimes forget the dates due to heavy schedules but sometimes catch up at the last minute.

    Distance Learning is a solution and a challenge to older folks like me because of the technology that is used. We are sometimes expected to submit assignments online, which becomes a challenge for me as I end up using the boxes located at UNISA centres.

    Distance learning is here to stay as most employed learners finds it user friendly and the best method that allows you to improve your lifestyle as you work while studying.