Exit level Outcomes – I am SO confused 5

I have been 28 years in die ECD field and about 15 years part of the implementation of the SAQA ECD qualifications but has never been so confused as now.

We made the mistake of not working according to the Exit Level Outcomes (ELO’s) for Level 5.  With our new intake this year we need to implement it.

I looked at the 7 ELO’s and noticed that one unit standard fits in under more than one ELO (not like in level 4). In Level 4 there are specific ELO’s that link to the unit standards and visa versa. I also can’t see where the fundamentals will fit in – it does not link to an ELO.

In Level 4 unit standards are linked to ELO’s but not in Level 5.

The criteria for the integrated summative assessment for the different levels (1, 4 & 5) differ.

I ‘googled’ and visited many websites but can’t find guidance.  Is there anybody that can direct me to specific websites.  I spoke to somebody at the ETDP SETA but I am still confused.  Maybe I am too long in ECD!

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5 thoughts on “Exit level Outcomes – I am SO confused

  • Wilma de Villiers Post author

    Thanks for all the responses.  I sometimes joke and say that SKILLS UNIVERSE has all the answers to my questions … excluding my love life! 

    Natascha, I could open the link – thanks.

    My one colleague said that I am overanalyzing.


  • Hannes Nel

    Des has the answer. It can be a long, long story. You need to focus on the achievement of the exit level outcomes for each unit standard (legacy qualifications) or modules (if specified) of which the purpose of the qualifications is the ultimate one, which should be achieved through integrated assessment. Perhaps we can discuss the three new “unit standards” or “modules” (knowledge, practical and workplace) some other time.

  • Natasha Dickinson

    Hi Wilma, as Des has described it is exactly how I see it. When I design and develop material, and also an ISAT perhaps, I look at what the student is meant to have achieved or be able to do at the end of the qualification. I wanted to attach a document for you to read that talks about ELOs but I am unable to. Link is http://www.saide.org.za/resources/Library/SAQA%20-%20Guidelines%20for%20Integrated%20Assessment.pdf 

    If you cannot get it from there let me know and I will email it to you. Figure 1.1 shows where ELOs fall in the scope. So I don’t see the ELOs as specific, just the ‘umbrella’ of knowledge that all the unit standards fall under. Hope I have understood your question correctly. 

  • Des Squire

    Hi Wilma, SAQA defines Exit Level Outcomes as “The outcomes to be achieved by a qualifying learner at the point at which he or she leaves the programme leading to a qualification and achievement of which entitles the learner to a qualification”. So all that has to happen is that the 7 ELO’s you refer to must be achieved by the learners.

    You may integrate the various unit standards so as to ensure they assist in ensuring the ELO’s are achieved. What is important is that your policy on integration for that particular qualification should outline in detail how the various requirements for the ELO’s are met. Where one unit standard fits into more than one ELO just make mention of it in your policy document and make sure your assessors and moderators can pick up the link as might be required.

    Once a particular unit standard has been assessed and the learner has been deemed competent then the assessor need only refer back to the previous assessment.

    Remember there is a need (as per SAQA requirements) for a final summative assessment that will bring all of the ELO’s together as one.

    I hope this assists as it is difficult to explain in such a short space and in so few words.