Focussing on The Dimensional Entrepreneur

“Through constructive intrinsic and extrinsic engagements, open, honest and shared experience, “The Dimensional Entrepreneur” creates opportunities for imagining new possibilities and partnerships created to bring the desired future into being.

They persevere and learn to live life through:

• discovery (valuing);

• dream (envisioning);

• design through dialogue – including self-talk;

• destiny (co-constructing the future.)

As you get ready to tackle this book, please be informed that it is not a book to sit back and just read – but it is a toolkit that seeks to help you to flourish at what you do or what you plan to do as a leader”.

This book is a personal guide for those that want to start their business or those that are already in business. It is an essential toolkit for both leaders and managers of both private of public organisations –

Rules of Engagement are the same – its about Excellence and Innovation in Service Delivery for both meeting and exceeding customer expectations and productive competitiveness.

The book will help you to define and refine your Value Proposition (USP) and map out your strategic key points and milestones. We will let you know of the launch date soon! Some of the lucky early bird orders of the book will also get a complimentary voucher for online “Mapping your Business Strategic Keypoints” coaching service – The Business Profiler.

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