Between a PROMISE and PROVISION is a CHOICE. Similarly, between DECISION and DESTINY is still CHOICE!

Choice is the most powerful tool that God gave us. We choose to be happy or upset. We cannot blame anyone, not anything nor situation for our happiness – we are the ones who decide to attach MEANING to these situations. We attach MEANING to words that are said to us – therefore we are responsible for the consequences.

The process of interpreting occurrences to us, either from external sources or from our perceptions, results in MEANING and whatever that MEANING is , can be attributed to our own viewpoint.

If i say a nasty statement to you, you have a CHOICE to agree with me or not – if you disagree with me so it will be that – if you agree with me you will spend more time coming up with interpretations, and those will definitely be labelled “other words”. Other words are not necessarily what you have heard, “Other Words” are resultant from your own internal dialogue. Your internal dialogue, self talk has a better audience, because you are that audience – you listen closely to what you tell yourself and that results in MEANING. Hence Proverbs 23 verse 7 says ” For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”

What have you been thinking lately? Make a CHOICE on what matters to you, that should be part of your DESTINY! Let nothing distract you from being your true self and getting along on a path to your DESTINY.

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