Media Release: How to Become a Rainmaker – Marketing Professional and Consulting Services Workshop 11 November

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How to Become a Rainmaker – Marketing Professional and Consulting Services Workshop 11 November


Johannesburg, ZA (October 13, 2016) –  A one-day workshop for business and consulting practice development managers; professional service providers,  independent consultants, and people interested in improving their knowledge of professional consulting marketing strategies will be held on the 11th November at the Hotel Apollo in Randburg.


The workshop combines the latest best practices on thought leadership, professional services marketing, social media and reputation management.


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The Merriam‑Webster dictionary defines the word ‘Rainmaker” as a person (as a partner in a law firm for example) who brings in new business; also : a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success. This intensive one- day workshop will help a delegate to become a “rainmaker” and help them to market their consulting practice, services and expertise successfully and elegantly, helping and saving them –time and money.

The workshop is based on more than 25 years of international and local research amongst consultants, professional service providers, rainmakers and business development managers, and takes an in-depth look at what works and doesn’t work in professional services and consulting marketing. It incorporates the latest thinking on social networking and inbound marketing and will enable a delegate to strategise and develop a dynamic marketing plan of action.

Said Deon Binneman, workshop facilitator: “ In my years of helping business owners and professionals discover ways to grow their business, I’ve seen many who sat around waiting for rain. They would wait by the phone, hoping a prospective client would call or come to the business. Their attitude seemed to be a combination of passive hope and resignation. They hope someone will do business with them. They hope that others will initiate contact with them. They seem resigned to whatever business floated their way.

Others, including some of the most successful, took positive action “to make it rain”. These are the ones who made calls, ran ads, planted seeds for a future harvest and got out of the office to make their own contacts. Through their activity, these business professionals created opportunities for new business”

For consultants, professional sales providers and specialists Reputation is their stock-in-trade and can open doors or close doors. This is a well known fact. So how do you build a stellar reputation in the markets that you serve? How do you create a reputation as the person or brand to go to? This will be a key question that will be answered at the workshop.

This workshop will enable professional services professionals and consultants to benchmark, review and tweak their branding, marketing and reputation management strategies and develop new ways to draw clients. It will be facilitated by international speaker and reputation management consultant Deon Binneman.

Some of the topics that will be on the agenda include: How to build a reputation and CREATE a name for yourself; How to position yourself as a Rainmaker, a Thought Leader and an Expert; How to develop a magnetic status – one that draws clients to you using principles and tips from the Law of Attraction, reputation and name recognition strategies; AND how to use low cost/ no cost ways of gaining professional exposure; and much, much more… including more than 23 different ways to get your message and name across, and market your expertise and know-how.


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Deon Binneman is a speaker, seminar leader, thought leader and management consultant on building, protecting and restoring business reputations. He has worked in 15 countries the past 20 years. Access his professional profile – or visit






Deon Binneman

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