Assessors and Moderators must be qualified and must register as Constituent assessors/moderators 13

I am re-posting this article as I am receiving many requests for information on how to register as an assessor and/or moderator. This therefore is for the benefit of those who do not know. I urge all providers involved in the training of assessors and moderators to explain the process of registration to their learners

Is there a difference between being qualified as an assessor or moderator and being registered as a qualified assessor and/or moderator? The answer is yes.

All assessors and moderators must first and foremost be qualified as such. To become a qualified assessor or moderator the candidate must first be trained on unit standard 115753 and/or 115759  – Assess outcomes based assessment or Moderator outcomes based assessment. Following training the candidate must produce a portfolio of evidence and must be assessed as competent.

Following the summative assessment and moderation as well as the SETA verification process the candidate is declared competent and is then issued with a certificate (Statement of Results – (SOR)) by the ETDP SETA. A certificate from anyone else is not valid. This now means the candidate is only qualified. It does not give the newly qualified assessor or moderator the right to commence assessing or moderating any unit standard based programme or qualification.

In order to commence assessing or working as an assessor or moderator the newly qualified assessor must apply to one or more of the SETA’s to register as a constituent assessor or moderator. The choice of programmes for which the new assessor/moderator applies for registration will be dependant on the education and/or experience of the new assessor/moderator. Should the SETA deem the applicant to be qualified in a particular subject then they will register the applicant as a constituent assessor or moderator and will issue a certificate of registration. This certificate of registration will indicate the qualifications and/or unit standards against which the new assessor may carry out assessments and/or moderation.

Without both these certificates and without both certificates being current and up to date an assessor may not carry out assessments.

The registration of constituent assessors and moderators usually falls away after a period of five years and a new application must be submitted and approved by the relevant SETA.

Applications for registration as a constituent assessor and/or moderator are available on the various SETA web sites. Information on the various unit standard based programmes and qualifications is available on the SAQA web site.


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13 thoughts on “Assessors and Moderators must be qualified and must register as Constituent assessors/moderators

  • Lynel Farrell

    Please note: Assessors and Moderators are registered between 1 and 3 years, pending Seta outcome, not 5 years.  If you are not certain, obtain this information for self-read on the Seta website where you are registered or want to apply for registration.  If you are applying for registration (first time), you must list the unit standards and/or qualifications that you want to Assess/Moderate – the Seta will approve/decline according to your achieved qualifications and experience.

  • Des Squire Post author

    Hi Kate, I have written so many articles it will take time to extract all of them. I take your point however and If I can assist I will do so. Will post all as in the Assessor and Moderator group ASAP. In the meantime all of the articles are available by means of the search facility above – top right hand side.


  • Kate Sani

    Thanks Des. You have posted many very valuable articles (blogs and discussions) in the past on this topic and it seems to me that it would be useful to collect these together and post them under the group “Assessors and Moderators”, thereby providing a single repository members can have at their fingertips..and hopefully add to.

    The centrality of the role and function of assessors and moderators in L&D cannot be understated; they are essentially the gatekeepers of qualifications …. “Assessment is integral to curriculum; curriculum together with assessment is integral to the quality of qualifications and the extent to which qualifications articulate with each other”. (SAQA (2015): National Policy and Criteria for Designing & Implementing Assessment ….) 

  • pietervanniekerk

    Dear Des 

    Thank you for the information. I am a newbie and is in the process of registering as an assessor.

  • Xolile Hans

    Hi Adelien

    I think the period for the assessor or moderator competency as Des says is for 5 years and once you send your documents to ETDP, they will send you a list of the qualifications or unit standards that you may assess. Once any unit standard in a qualification expires, you still have other unit standards to assess.

    The expiry of the actual unit standard 115753 for assessor or 115759 for moderator will definitely be replaced by another unit standards under which you will still be deemed or keep your accreditation status if still within the period accredited for.

    Training providers doing the said US (unit standards) please advise as this shows that some of our colleagues have grey areas as people that are trained have a tendency of keeping their documents and not seek assistance In terms of ensuring that they seek to become constituent assessor for a specific seta that they qualify or are subject matter specialists for. 

  • Nkosinathi Thango

    The mistake we normally make is to assume that we are qualified as assessors then we can assess any training, in terms of SAQA/QCTO requirements a person must apply for along the lines of his or her subject matter expertise. 

    The Subject Matter Expert is that individual who exhibits the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill within the organization. in short, anybody with in-depth knowledge of the subject. 

    • How does one identify a true SME? :
    • SMEs have a documented history of working in the area for which they are an expert.
    • SMEs have actually done the work. They’ve rolled up their sleeves throughout their career. Therefore, they not only understand your challenges, but the details within those challenges.
    • SMEs understand industry best practices and challenges.
  • Adelien Robbertse

    Dear Des,

    Thank you for the article.

    Please advise:  I was told that if the unit standard expired you were found competent against, you can’t register as an assessor any longer.  Is that true?