Getting the Benefit of Skills Levies

This is a good time of the year for your company or organization to pro-actively start preparing the information needed to compile your Annual Training Reports (ATR) and Work Skills Plans (WSPs) that need to be submitted by 30 April 2017.

Companies with 50+ employees (and / or other criteria) are deemed to be Levy-paying companies and need to pay up to 1% of their annual remuneration to the Skills Levy Fund.  They complete and submit these compulsory reports and plans to the different SETAs.  Qualifying organisations will receive a % of skills development levies that they paid, back into their own coffers.  The funds are reimbursed on a quarterly basis only if quality standards, as set by the SETA are met.

Creatividad Consulting also offers monthly SDF Retainer packages as an alternative option to the sometimes highly expensive once off support that you might require in order to submit by April, and to adhere to SETA deadlines of WSP submissions. Should you need capacity to ensure that you DO qualify, please consider contacting me for a consultation session at 

Many NGOs / FBOs / PBOs do not know that they, as Non-levy paying organizations, can access funding from the SETAs for grants and funding.  For many this might feel like a lot of work wonder if it is worth the effort. Creatividad Consulting offers discounted SDF Retainer packages to smaller / qualifying NGOs.

Creatividad Consulting specializes in Skills Development and Training within the HWSETA.  Many NGOs  / FBOs / PBOs are service providers within the Health & Welfare / Social Development sector and can be registered with the HWSETA as an Employer Non-Levy Paying Organisation – only then qualifying for grants and funding from the HWSETA.

The following Discretionary Grant Funding are available through the HWSETA:

  • Learnerships
  • Skills Programmes
  • Bursaries
  • Work Experience Grants
  • Pre-apprenticeship Grants
  • Early Childhood Development
  • SDF Training
  • Ad Hoc Projects
  • Levy Exempt
  • SME Funding


If you are a non-levy paying organization and wish to explore this option of adding to your 2017 funding, or wish to request a quotation for pivitol (accredited) or non-pivitol (non-accredited) training, please consider contacting me at

I am based in Cape Town, but am happy to have Skype sessions with your team and emails you as well.


Please contact me asap in order to still be able to fit you in before the deadline.  I can take the maximum of 3 new clients for the 2017 WSP submission deadline.

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