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Employers may find it difficult to establish a safe and healthy working environment due to the different varieties of products and services on offer. No matter if it’s a large corporation or a startup business, every worker’s health and safety should be top priority. The profitability of the company can be at stake if the important aspects of the business are not seen to. The core focus of any company’s health and safety features are dependent on reducing the risk of injury, illnesses and fatalities.

The importance of health and safety in the workplace

Good health and safety features installed in company policy will increase employee morale. When your employees know you care about their well being, they’re more likely to feel invested in the company. It’s the responsibility of the employer to protect employees from illness and injury in the workplace. Accidents and injuries can cost much more in expenses, therefore it makes good business practice to protect workers, especially when affordable health care can be scarce.

Reducing the risk of injury on duty

Compliance with government regulations regarding the health and safety of employees are essential for any business to prevent court cases. A health and safety programme can help reduce your costs in injuries and illnesses. Send employees on regular work safety courses or implement drills to be sure everyone is on the same page where their safety is concerned. An organised, well crafted plan can eliminate any workplace hazards and avoid harmful situations. Employee training is critical for any business and should be a mandatory compliance every employee should adhere to.  

Developing a safety program

Each health and safety program is different. Depending on the type of business you run, your programme should be tailored to suit your company. A tailored approach is there to blend in with the unique operations and culture of your business. What you’d want in the long run is for employees to maintain a system that continually addresses workplace hazards. An effective programme has the following elements that have proven to be successful such as:

  • Workplace analysis

  • Hazard prevention and control

  • Programme evaluation

  • Management leadership

  • Employee participation

  • Safety and health training

Work together to achieve a common goal

Motivate your employees to work with you in making health and safety in the workplace a priority. Open the lines of communication if there are any failures in the procedures and come up with solutions to any problems. This way certain issues that may arise can also be addressed.

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2 thoughts on “Creating a safe work environment for employees

  • Wessel PIETERS

    Some additional thoughts and remarks.

    Safety is not only a Employer obligation.  It is definitely also a Employee obligation.

    I had several cases where the Employee was grossly negligent in adhering to the policies and training programmes.  They got hurt and I had to explain the reasons to the DMR and he spent months on a LTI. 

    The Mines complain that safety is now a burden which is becoming too expensive.  As one manager once said that he can make the mines absolutely safe so that nobody dies or get hurt. 

    Close the mine down…..There are choices to make and a balance to be attained.  At this point in time we are out of balance in favour of Safety and not in favour of job creation. Is dying of malnutrition/hungar better then dying on the job?  The one is certain, the other is avoidable.

    When Employees are ignoring the Risk outcomes from the Toolbox talks, how can the Employer protect himself?  The only recourse is mountains of paperwork and records.

    Many employees do not have a culture of working safely.  Who must do the culture change and who should be paying for it?

    It is often cheaper to bring foreign workers in to do the work.  When the Chinese build a plant they do not use local labour.  They bring their own people.  The risk is simply lower and therefore one obtains cheaper labour.

  • Ian Webster

    Thanks for this.
    Recent case law indicates that it is not just the normal safety issues you mention, but employers need to think about how they protect employees from things like sexual harassment as well.
    Regards, Ian