We need to seriously act on implementing a People Centred Economy.

Get the legislation on human capital aligned in getting workers and labour representatives, government including commerce & industry to agree and acknowledge that all of the stakeholders need to commit to a People Centred Economy, and get all stakeholders to accept responsibility and accountability in making South Africa a successful working nation.

It has now been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the 20 % hard-working active people in commerce & industry can no longer feed the other 80 % that are unemployed or just not competent for most of the opportunities in business. We need to gain the confidence of the investors through ensuring the least possible hiccups that we at best find reasons to stop work and then Toyi-Toyi for days without the responsibility and accountability that not only place pressure on our ailing economy, but that the masses of workers and their families will be unable to feed their families. Labour representatives are almost oblivious in their sense of reasoning on what strike action does to our economy and much more damage to the well-being of the workers and their families that they represent.

Government is naive in not acknowledging that their legislation in curbing commerce & industry to employ the best possible people in jobs are creating an almost lethargic imbalance in creating wealth for both the workers and the employers, a Win-Win scenario. It must be awful and degrading for African black workers to be labelled Affirmative Action or Employment Equity employees, and worst of all that all of us know that most black people do not have the necessary resources in order to accumulate savings for the right time that they may also some day be able to own their own businesses, or a significant share of the economy. Look at the stock exchange and that is proof enough that the wealth of the nation is safely protected in the possession of foreign investors.

The education system is certainly not helping the cause of creating a significant pool of competencies that are required in terms of the National Skills Requirement nor is it addressing the National Human Resources Development Planning. We need active workers and not theory driven people.

Come on government, labour and the business conglomerates in “concert”, you are the root causes of the pathetic economic and social situation that this country now finds itself in. Humanity will have to soon “wake up and smell the coffee”. We are almost a “JUNK” risk society due to the power and greed of the Leadership direction of government, labour and the business conglomerates. Enough is Enough, the people of South Africa will have to decide their own fate and destiny in this cruel society of ours. We remain hopeful that there are true, impeccable trusted leaders still around that can take us out from the shackles of oppression and subjecting pain on our great nation.

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