Four ways to increase staff productivity

Employees who decide to upskill themselves, not only make career advancements, but they also benefit the company with their new found skills. A step in the right direction could mean that a business will prosper by having people with the right skills. Therefore it’s important for business owners to always push their staff to be greater. For a business to also benefit, the employee has to choose a qualification that links to their position within the company. An example of this would  be a junior rep going for computer courses to help out in the sales department.


Cross-training adds flexibility and efficiency to a business. By cross-training employees they’ll be capable to manage more than one aspect of the business. This will teach them to be more competent in sales, customer service, administration and operations. Employees who are multi-skilled are more of an asset for the business and will be helpful when assigning schedules or filling in for absences.

Being efficient in time management

It’s beneficial for a company to take time to invest in courses that will help their employees in time management. Knowing how to effectively manage time means a greater sense of responsibility for a task can be taken. Meetings, running errands and doing whatever necessary on company time can improve efficiency with effective time management skills.

Employers can also improve the skills of their employees by improving their ability to speed up processes. Speed reading has improved efficiency in work. Anything that would have taken a whole day can be done in half the time if this skill is perfected. Speed reading is a skill that can be learned within a month or two.

Workshop training for employers to consider

The greater amount of people in the office, the more diverse the training needs to be. The following are important for employers to consider, especially if you’re managing a mid-size company.

  • Cultural diversity

  • Sexual Harassment (Employees and Supervisors)

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Business Ethics

  • Workplace Safety

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Managing Challenging Employees

What your staff get out of it

Training will educate employees about the effective use of technology, which can also ensure the company has a competitive edge in the market. Safety training will promote safety and health awareness amongst employees. Career development is first on the list when it comes to creating career opportunity for employees, but with that also comes personal growth. This is an important factor to consider for retaining employees.

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