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Hi all

Wonder if anyone can assist me. I have been struggling for a week now to speak to someone at CETA regarding my registration as Assessor and Moderator. On Monday I contacted their offices and every time I was put through nobody answers. On Tuesday I tried again and the same as Monday. I requested the lady at he switchboard to ask the ETQA Manager to contact me but I am still waiting for her to call me. Yesterday I tried again for the whole day without any luck. Today is exactly the same. What can I do to speak to someone regarding my registration. I need to re register and nobody wants to help. Without my registration I can not do my work. I have requested the person working with the registrations to phone me also but nothing. Another problem is that gmail and yahoo email does not go through to CETA.


Jan van Dyk

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One thought on “Poor Service Delivery

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Jan,

    This really is a discussion and should be in the Forum or a group – not in the Knowledge Blogs area we try to keep for reading material.  But I didn’t think your blood pressure would withstand another bureaucratic response.  

    I recall that in one week I phoned the CETA 18 times – that’s long distance calls!  I nearly always had a response from the switchboard, but when put through usually nobody responded and eventually I just put the phone down.  On one occasion I got through to someone who said he was a casual/Intern who took a message but never sent the information, and one occasion a lady took a message but the person did not ever respond.

    The President wants to kick-start the economy with government, business, and labour.  But that is surely an impossible task if nobody can ever get through to anyone.

    For weeks now I have been trying to get through to the Department of Labour EE section – finally today I did get through and after being put through and left holding for 10 minutes (another long-distance call) I phoned again.

    Halleluiah, I was put through to Lucia, who understood my question and my needs, and provided me with the response I needed.  So a big shout-out to Lucia (I didn’t get her surname) but if you know or work with her – she saved the reputation of the DoL.  

    So Jan, you are not alone in your frustration. However, I suggest that you join in the discussions with Pierre Wepener, supported by Lynel – as it seems that there are more SETAs than the ETDP SETA with whom they will be communicating.