Neutral Facilitator: Providers and ETDPSETA intervention 15

All Providers Participating Update:

Guys I’ve posted this as a new thread so that you do not miss out on the latest news/ needs. Please take note that that the intervention meeting is set for Tuesday 05 July 10:00 AM at the ETDPSETA HQ, 24 Johnsons Road, Bedfordview, JHB.  Please see the main post of 21 June for all the detail. We need to clarify the following with you, kindly please respond.

A Neutral Facilitator needs to be appointed to facilitate the process. After contacting some that came recommended the cost for me is just too much to handle. I’ve engaged Lynel Farrel, who is not a provider but who is consulting through or all SETA’s.

Lynel is willing to do this free. I hereby need to get your approval on this before initiating discussions with her. I would have done it myself but I also need to address my own issues with the ETDPSETA and this could be seen as being impartial and not facilitating a fair discussion.

Can I kindly please get a Thumbs Up for Lynel Farrel?

In Addition we also need your Thumbs up on Dr Perumal that will oversee governance and ethics?

If any provider have any issues with any of these key personnel kindly please contact me on my cell or email, if you prefer not to post it on a public forum. Cell 082 556 7467 email;

Also kindly please, please remember to complete our Provider 10 x Question Survey so that we can finalise the AGENDA and allocate time to speakers.

Copy and paste the following link/ URL ;in your browser that will take you to the survey, or click here….  even if you have send email earlier kindly please complete the survey. You may stay anonymous. The completed survey will count as a number representing you as provider. As we have said earlier we need people to attend in numbers, or allow the survey to stand in on your behalf. No one has access to this survey except you and I. All findings will be treated as confidential!!

Kind regards


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15 thoughts on “Neutral Facilitator: Providers and ETDPSETA intervention

  • Lynel Farrell

    Hi Everyone, here is the update that you requested!

    Outcome of ETDP Seta and Provider Intervention

    1.      General Concerns: Switchboard, Communication, Emails, Submissions Lost, Support

    The Seta did acknowledge that they have been experiencing difficulties with the switchboard and are in the process of applying for an additional line.  The Seta was open to the complaints against switchboard and the overall gaps in communication and is currently working on a better system.  The Seta is also addressing the overload of emails not being addressed in time and the turnaround times of action. 

    To assist the Seta, firstly email the person that you need assistance from (do not copy in the whole world).  Give the person at least 48 hours to respond before you take the next step – which will be emailing the next individual which will be the senior of the first individual (Escalating your query) – you then copy in the individual that you emailed in the first place. 

    A request of the reporting line of the Seta (organogram) to be placed on the website, in order for Providers to address problems or request for help to the correct Seta individual will streamline the process and stop being sent from pillar to post.

    2.      Accreditation: Time Frames, Standard Process, Certification

    The Seta have uploaded various documents and procedures on the website, which must be read and understood by Providers before attempting to apply for accreditation.  See Website: Skills Development – ETQA – Accreditation Process Flow Charts, Re-Accreditation Process, Accreditation Templates (Alignment Matrix, Assessment Guide/Recording Tool/Qualification Judgement Recording, Facilitator Guide, FSA Model Answer Guide/Questionnaire/Recording Tool, Learner Guide Template, Moderator Guide/ETDP Seta Learner Achievement Template/Moderation Template, POE Template, QMS Generic/Guidelines, RPL (various templates)

    The Seta is cleaning house, and Providers need to ensure that their documents are current as well as their contact details (very important).  Certificates can be requested to Mr Dawood.


    3.      Datanet: Uploads, Internet Explorer, SORs, Process for uploads

    The Seta is currently upgrading the system and cleaning up of large data, to better the system.  There is problems with Datanet, and a large amount of data that have been uploaded incorrectly, unfortunately this takes months to sort out.  The Seta has apologized for the inconvenience and have asked the Providers to please be patient whilst they are attending to this issue.  Providers must make use of the excel spreadsheets in the meantime and keep record of this, whilst the process of upgrades are underway.  Unfortunately there is not final date that can be communicated to Providers as to when the system will be fully functional.


    4.      Learning Material: Evaluation, Process, Time Frames, Material Submissions, SLAs

    The Seta acknowledged that there have been documents misplaced, but are addressing this daily.  Various submissions have been found, and they are working on conducting the evaluations as quick as possible.  It is important for providers to ensure that the templates and guidance published on the website is followed to avoid disappointment.  Learning Material bought must have evidence of where the Provider have obtained the material and that the learning material is now owned by the provider.  Note: that learning material must be reviewed at least once a year for currency and improvements.


    5.      Assessor/Moderator: New Registrations, Re-Registrations, Extension of Scope, Time Frames

    On the website (Programmes, documents, ETQA Policies and Forms) the list is: Assessment and Moderation Policy, Verifications policy, Certification policy, Assessor Registration Form, Assessor Re-Registration Form, Assessor Extension of Scope, Moderator Registration Form, Moderator Re-Registration Form and Moderator Extension of Scope.


     6.      ETDP Seta Policies: CAT, Appeals, Plagiarisms, RPL

    Various Policies and procedures have been reviewed and new policies and procedures are being uploaded onto the website, as and when they are approved by Council.


    7.      Verifications: Standard Procedure, Schedules, Availability, Time Frames

    The Seta have acknowledged that the verifications are backlogged and this is in the process of being streamlined.  The Seta contracted Verifiers agreements came to and end.  Adverts were placed and bidders applied for contracted positions for Verifications and Learning Material Approval Evaluators.  The complete process of these applications are in the final stage and should be up and running by the end of July 2016.

    Note to Providers, keep an eye on the policies and procedures that will be published and uploaded onto the ETDP Seta Website.  The Internal Moderation sample will change from 10% to 25%.

  • Lynel Farrell

    Good day ETDP Providers, Assessors, Moderators, Learning Program Developers

    We are busy getting the numbers together to ensure that there are space for those whom have indicated that they are participating in the intervention on the 5th July.  Please note, that if you are attending, make sure that you give a clear indication if you are one person, or more.  The numbers are important.

    If you have not completed the survey by latest 20:00 tonight, your concerns will not be part of the agenda – please complete the survey – your information is confidential.

    If you are not sure that you have indicated that you are participating, then please email me: – you only have to give me the confirmed number of individuals that is attending. 

    For those whom are far away and can not attend, we are taking note of your support and your apologies – still complete the survey – we must ensure that there are enough printed for the intervention.

  • Marlene Burden

    We also support this event.  I am concerned though that APPETD is only reaching out now.  This situation could be prevented with an effective provider support association earlier.  But rather late than never…  Thanks guys.

    Pierre, good luck.  Also from Cape Town, but sending my ETD expert, in Pretoria, to attend.

  • Cynthia Reynders

    Hello Pierre

    Thank you for your post. APPETD looks after the interest of private providers and hence the concerns raised from this constituency is of extreme importance to us as it has an impact on private providers. APPETD will gladly partake and assist to drive this process with everyone so that individual providers are not targeted later.

    Even though you are not a member, APPETD is here to support the private providers as no private provider should be treated unfairly.


    Cynthia Reynders – APPETD CEO

  • Pierre Wepener Post author

    Hi guys, I cannot seem to reply to your posts or edit comments at this moment? Sylvia can you help? But regardless here is the link to the survey: it is best to copy and paste the link into your browser and click on go or enter using a new tab or new fresh page. I have just tested it and it seems to be working.

    It is important than you kindly please complete it as we need to prepare for the total number of people to attend, Thank you everyone!!

  • Pierre Wepener Post author

    Hello every thank you so much for all your feedback. It give me great pleasure announce that the APPETD will also attend the meeting. I were requested to have a sit down with them and coordinate efforts, which I fully appreciate and having much respect for them reaching out in support.

    Unfortunately I am not a paying member of the APPETD, and I believe it will be unethical for me to engage any discussions or coordinate with them at this point. I hope they will understand it as such and we non-paying private will be honoured with their presence, and this I say in in lieu consideration with the rest of my colleagues on this forum. This of course goes back to the members that started and engaged on this thread. There is no leader here, we are doing all of this together nor is this one man show. It is thereof not my place to say who attend or who does not attend this whole discussion comes from the private providers and is done as a collective by the providers.

  • Glenda Methven

    I have just filled out the survey on ETDP SETA.  Thanks for taking up our challenges with them.  I was in touch with them yesterday, as I had to send a complaint to Mohamed, so I am really grateful you are setting up a meeting.  I live in Cape Town, so am not able to attend your session in Johannesburg.