Are race-based policies helping or hindering us build our nation and economy?

Freedom or Youth Day in South Africa resembles a host of activities around the country where not much happiness are seen among our youth and we need to question ourselves as many of us come out of the oppressive apartheid era.

It is humiliating to call any of our youth as an affirmative action (AA) or an employment equity (EE) appointment in any position in commerce and industry especially when such appointments are done in management and leadership positions, notwithstanding the fact that political pressure on employment practices are inconsistent with a free market economy.

We can also refer to our stock exchange that are dominated by foreign and local investments that are hardly driven through investment from African business people as black people in general have not really been given the opportunity to be informed through knowledge and skills of finances and investments.

Government, Business  and Religious supporters of government race-based legislation and policies should ask: are these crimes against the commands of ALLAH / God, Human Rights Charters, Human Rights, Children Charters on the Rights of a Child?  Are they also against natural freedom & democracy that humanity are based on?

We have also not emancipated away from the race card. We really require a programme like “Beyond Leadership” that has been developed for a wide range of stakeholders that include government, commerce & industry, academics, labour, and civil society – including religious bodies.

African children and the youth feel humiliated knowing that the law of Employment Equity (EE), Affirmative Action (AA), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Broad Based – Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE), and other applications where even Cabinet Ministers insist ( as is the case on Sport ) that selection must be applied in terms of discrimination.

Is government not aware that children and young adults are sitting, laughing and hugging each other in LOVE and compassion at creches, preschools, schools and universities in spite of government, business, labour and some movements representing civil society, waiting rather for some major unrest before we consider to act, and in most cases just stick on a band aid for the time being.

Most South Africans and particularly our children and the youth are Freedom LOVING South Africans and deserve government policies leading our nation towards respect for each other and Trusting each other as a ONE Nation. Multicultural development is what we so desperately need to implement in our lives. I must insist that we can never run a successful,economy based on sustainable growth and development with the current legislation and policies.

Investors want a return on investment and we as a nation compete with other african nations for a lucrative part of the cake. We operate in a free market economy where only the best in our human capital must be employed in the right positions in government, labour, commerce & industry and in entities of state and GOD / ALLAH is my witness, we are not empowering our people as can be seen in the civil unrest – due to poor service delivery, corruption, and bankrupt entities of state.

The crippling factors on our economy are primarily our pathetic education & training systems that include our uselessness in building the necessary competent skills for real economic growth. Government must only apply their minds to create an enabling environment and allow commerce & industry to prosper and grow a sustainable economy.

Serious attention need to be given to nation building, not over-spending by a government that is bankrupting our country and the nation. Politicians have not a clue on how much damage they have done to a once happy and contented nation, and now we find ourselves in a serious mess as they continue to bicker and resort to issues that bolster their EGOs instead of running the country on sound economic and moral principles. We need respect for our society and for politicians to put their political agendas on the back burner, and work for all South Africans, who are tired of the present social, economic and political environments.

The thought of keeping the masses to continue under squatter and pathetic township conditions may have dire consequences to be regarded the “darling” for investment flow. Nigeria who we all though to be the “darling” investment country is undergoing great economic stress as they hardly have US Dollars to pay their foreign debts. Let us not now face similar consequences as we need to build a society among all of our youth that we can term “The Future is NOW”

We ask the nation as a whole to be more LOVING and humane, implement decency and respect for all sectors of our society and to adopt “the Future is NOW” for the sake of all our children. 

I LOVE You All !

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