Is Cape Town MegaCity really serious in Branding Cape Town as a City of One Nation, Many Cultures.

I remain committed in portraying Cape Town City as the No. 1 Tourist attraction City in the World only when the branding of the City focus on the people who have slaved through decades apartheid, and now we are faced with so much racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

It is my Vision that Cape Town City will really aspire as the true and trusted Mother City once we acknowledge the contributions of so many of our forefathers, mothers, fathers brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts who have braved the sunshine, the winds and the rain, in good times and in challenging times, these are the Muslims and the Christian, Hindus, Krishnas, all faiths that are tolerant of each other, that makes up the beauty of our diversity. Amongst us were very many Spiritual GURUS, Sheighs and Imams, Pastors and Dominees, and Priests, not forgetting the Moalimas and Moalims, the Sunday School teachers and the Seven Day Adventists, all holding on to the precious believers in One GOD /ALLAH.

The Miracle of survival lie in the LOVE, passion and talents, and the creativity of our people of the MegaCity of Cape Town. The diversity in rich cultures brought humor and laughter to be the face of Cape Town City. These good times are only memories and now there emerge many thousands of people wanting Cape Town City back to what it resembled in past years and to restore the dignity and respect, the cultures and the values that we regard as One Nation, many Cultures.

The proposed branding of Cape Town to resemble the vibrant communities must take people out from the shackles of being regarded as squatters and township dwellers, doomed to remain poor and miserable to share in the land and the wealth that generated by the very people that we place among the squattors and townships, that represent the real and trusted custodians of the Mother City.

The inner city must include accomodation and housing for the people who see no end in being on the Municipal housing waiting list. It really is chaotic. The city can contribute to affordable office and retail rental of premises and have many of its workers oused in and around the inner city precinct. What a marvelous opportunity for us to say thank you to the thousands of squattor and township dwellers for keeping Cape Town City so vibrant.

We can further brand the various tourist attractions and the mega city shopping malls and open spaces to include the values and cultures, and the passion and talents that remain dormant as we speak. Let life once more begin when the true and trusted citizens have a degree of say over where to live and work, and to have the security of land tenure written in their names.

Justice & Compassion can go a long way in creativity and safety in the future of our children as we commit ourselves to say vociferously that the Future of all our Children is NOW.

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