Behind the scenes work of HR (Part 1)

Every human resources (HR) team faces difficulty when it comes to running various departments within a company. They need to remain consistent in enforcing policies across the board, irrespective of who may be impacted. Many may say that it’s the CEO who keeps the company afloat, but without an HR department to keep the ship running smoothly, the company could suffer.

Recruiting new employees

When a pool of available candidates apply for a position, it’s the task of the HR department to manage the hiring process. Not only do they need to find the best candidate who has excellent skills but they need to find the person who will blend in well with the company culture. It’s HR’s task to keep record of dozens of applications they receive to review and compare candidates before making the decision.

Employee retention

While it may be the task of HR to source and employ new employees, it’s also their task to retain existing staff. Ensuring employee retention is one of the most important functions within a company. Employees provide the qualifications, skills and necessary experience required to keep up productivity levels. The responsibility of HR is to ensure employees feel secure in their roles, adhere to protocol and carry out company mandate. Their retention strategy is balanced between employee remuneration, company culture and incentives, without compromising company interests.

Following up on processes

During their HR management courses, students were taught advanced practices on how to set processes in place. Technology has made the lives of HR people easier whereby these processes can now be digitally integrated. HR software systems allows for storage of candidate applications. These programs can simplify the hiring process by keeping a record of all CVs and contact information. The program can easily do an analysis on candidates and make comparisons. Whenever a new role within the company is available, the program can bring up any amount of potential candidates who are best suited for the position. The software is specifically designed to speed up the recruitment process and ensures hiring managers are up to speed on candidate details for easy selection process.

Ensure productivity

The HR team is the driving force behind a successful company, as they continuously look at productivity levels to ensure processes are operating efficiently. Low levels of productivity needs to be dealt with by the HR department. They need to establish the cause of the problem and determine whether low levels of productivity are caused by poor working practices or lack of resources. Once they have found the problem, they need to implement an effective strategy to overcome the situation.  

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