Thank You Skills Universe 2

I thought that I understood the value of this platform, until last week. As Skills Universe error 500’d and then poof vanished, I realized that Skills Universe is an integral part of my business.

And all for Free.

So a big shout out to everyone that worked round the clock to get SU back up. I deeply appreciate everyone who works behind the scenes to make this all happen!

The question that did arise is, what if you did vanish all together? What other platforms are there that we can use to simply put word out. I would be most curious to see what everyone else does! I was Facebook Posting and Gumtree advertising (1 inquiry surprisingly) Should I be tweeting? Should I get a website up? I do post on LinkedIn but never generate sales from there. Seems I am way behind marketing trends. What advice does everyone else have? 

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About Tass Schwab

At the centre of my business is a practice of stillness and authenticity. I am in this business to upskill people for a sustainable future. To encourage skills development that care for our planet, people and all its diversity Through this deep knowledge of self I bring to the classroom consciousness in Facilitation and Consistent well written course material. I endeavor to make any soft skill or business skill given to me an experience beyond what the material dictates. I have a full repository of already written material available that you can contact me for. I also provide Accreditation Services. Being conscious of your actions from within simply makes good business sense now.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Skills Universe

  • Sylvia F. Hammond

    Hi Tass,

    Thanks for your comments.  Yes, we ask the same questions and now have some plans in the pipeline – we’ll keep you posted.   

    In the meantime also look at our Facebook pages related to our other sites:

    skills portal, and and you can find me on Twitter @sylviahammond