Coaching Individuals and Teams in Successful Change Interventions Part 4/7

A Holistic Approach

The normal business approach to the development of a strategic plan is often managed as one of two parts: “top down” or “bottom up”.

The top down approach is the most common by far and captures where the business wants to go.

The Bottom up approach tends to capture the current service and product issues and constraints that need to be addressed.

With a merger of the two approaches, the business can draw up a far more effective strategic plan for change, normally over a three to five year period. The adopted strategy should focus on desired future state outcomes and value to the business.

Once the business strategy is complete, its resultant plan should be executed as a “portfolio of change” by the business to ensure that the correct set of deliverables (what, where and how), benefits and outcomes are achieved.

Coaching change teams results in greater self-knowledge, new perspectives, improved performance, and greater adaptability for the team members. The best coaches are those who give honest, realistic, and challenging feedback, are good listeners, and suggest smart action ideas. In addition, great coaching comes from the depth and quality of the relationship that develops between coach and client team.

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