3 easy steps to becoming employee of the month

Being announced employee of the month is a proud moment for anyone. It’s the kind of accomplishment you add to your CV and tell your parents about. If you’ve never been nominated for employee of the month, don’t fret. You have what it takes to be great and climb the ladder of success.

Productivity is key

There is a difference between being productive and keeping busy. An employee’s success rate at work is crucial to understanding the difference between these two factors. An employee working overtime isn’t always an indicator of good effort. Results are. If the employee has been doing their everyday tasks but have not been coming up with strategic business proposals, it won’t yield any significant results. To reach excellent results you need to establish a practical system, yet also have realistic goals you want to set for yourself. A goal is a single aspect of something you want to achieve, like climbing a mountain, whereas system is how you plan on reaching that goal. Having a system in place will lead to real results in the long term.

Know your capabilities

Knowing what you’re capable of means you know when not to stretch yourself too thin when given a task that is out of your depth. Learn to say no to matters that you feel you aren’t knowledgeable about. Being honest about your capabilities will lead to productive discussions.

An administrative job may require you to do project management courses as a requirement for the job. Choose to do a course or learn a skill that will be beneficial to your job. Don’t apply for a job or take on a task that you know nothing about. You may end up ruining the company’s reputation, as well as ruin your own.

Make an impact

Doing a good job may come naturally to you, but that doesn’t mean your employer will always notice your efforts. If you have great input to give during meetings, then ensure that you’re speaking first or last so you’ll be remembered. Ideally you’d want a customer, your colleagues or top management to fall in love with all your ideas. So, always try to make a lasting impact.

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