Coaching Individuals and Teams in Successful Change Interventions Part 3/7

Change as a Competitive Advantage


Change is more than a capability: it is a core competitive advantage. In a race without end, there are no winners, only losers. The capacity to continuously change ensures survival. It means living to fight another day.

 A change initiative however, must have a measurable outcome in terms of impacts (i.e. changes to what is done, to what is available, or the way things are done) and benefits (increased revenue or cost reduction).

Change can range from relatively small modifications to existing product features to far more significant changes such as a new client delivery channel with access to additional products. These opportunities consume resources and require funding which have to be approved as part of a strategic plan, or reaction to an unplanned event.

This is why all change MUST have a business imperative or there is no justification for carrying out the work. The driver of change must be the business strategic plan.

An organisation needs a business strategic plan to define the direction it intends taking, and to make decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including capital and people.


Coaching helps successful managers and executives to deliver positive results to extremely high standards within difficult competitive market situations, aligned with business strategic goals.


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