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When employees upskill themselves it is most certainly to the benefit of the company. It only takes the right course to get things underway. However, the course or qualification need to directly relate to the job of the employee. Professional development only means that the company ends up with highly skilled individuals. A good amount of investment in the training will pay for itself many times over in terms of increased productivity.

Taking a step in the right direction

In some instances the company will pay for an employee to upskill themselves because it is better to retain inside knowledge, rather than employing another individual.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily ”Employers intend to maintain current staffing levels. If they don’t want to bring on new staff, the existing employees need to be prepared to step up to new challenges and responsibilities, making it a great time to consider doing an upskilling course – adding to your skill set means the company doesn’t need to look at hiring new talent.”

A course in time management

Every employee should take time to invest in time management if their job allows them to. For those who have no knowledge of computers, the company should invest in getting these individuals involved in computer courses. But with that comes the responsibility of managing time on the computer, especially when faffing online. Taking a break away from working is important, but the amount of time spent away from work to be online should also be considered.

Speed reading

Speed reading is a skill not many possess. This skill needs to trained at any given opportunity as many may believe they can read fast, but that does not mean that they retain the necessary information. More work will get done and anything that would have taken a whole day can get done in less the time if this skill is perfected. It is a time saver and can be perfected within in a month or two.

Part-time study

Encourage employees to further their studies by doing it on a part-time basis. For those who have completed an undergraduate degree in their field of work, has gotten this far and should be encouraged to further their career.

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3 thoughts on “Upskill the staff in your company

  • Pierre theron

    I could not agree more. If we upskill staff and employ new recruits at entry level, we assist in career creation (as opposed to job creation), bearing in mind that the majority of unemployed are unskilled and relatively uneducated. Training employees creates upward mobility for all!!

  • Tony Dovale

    Thanks Chantel – I would like to add that MINDSET is as important as skill set in today’s times…through my Revolutionary Workplace work we share the top 20 mindset qualities that can make staff up to 7 times more valuable than staff without the desired requisite mindset qualities.

    soa good balance is best… :0

    Tony Dovale

    Life Masters