Hope for all! Do you have a solution? 3

We all need HOPE!

In our travels around the country, working with and meeting diverse people, I have discovered that the greatest thing missing in our country is Hope.

I met a man, in the rural Western Cape, who runs a very successful tuckshop. They supply all the daily groceries needs in the area. And the most awesome calamari, fish and chips. People travel great distances, to buy from him.

J, designated “coloured”, in South Africa, told me a story of how he had been second in charge at a local bottle store. He had also managed the bar, in the hotel. He said, “My boss was white. When he resigned, I applied for his job. They ignored me and brought in another white man, who knew nothing about the job, or even the computer systems.”

He went on, “I had to show him how to put on the computer, how to use the programs and how we controlled stock. After a while, he got to know the job. It was then, that he started to call me names and treat me badly. He called me a Hotnot, a derogatory term for coloured people.”

I asked him, how you felt about that and what he did next. He said, “I was angry and felt like rubbish, and I could not take it. That is why you see me here, in my own business.” Obviously I have no idea, of all of the dynamics, in that workplace.

But this kind of ceiling, exists in many backward workplaces. J had no hope of promotion, and the chances are that was, to some degree, based upon his not fitting the right profile.

Whilst on the same journey, we had the good fortune, to facilitate a Celebrating Humanity diversity workshop. During the workshop we met a group of people, who equally had no hope of advancement.

They were all white males, over the age of 50, and they had reached the end of their opportunities. They cannot legally be fired, because of their colour, but by law, people of other backgrounds, races and genders must be given opportunities before them. The frustration with this is intense! They too, live without hope. They cannot resign and seek new opportunities, because the chances are that they will not find another job.

Yet perhaps, they do not realise how lucky they are, because they do have employment and an income. There are far too many people in our country who do not have any chances to find work or opportunity.

Although, much has improved in terms of gender inclusion, employment and promotional selections often excludes women. And young graduates who, after studying for many years, apply for jobs only to be told that they have no experience.

That is simply dumb. How on earth will they get experience, without been given an opportunity!

Our biggest focus, in our country must be on creating opportunities, and employment for all. All side issues such as race, gender, age, experience or religion must be moved from consideration, when creating opportunities.

We cannot leave this, in the hands of our leaders.

We the people, need to find ways in which to build a bigger and far more inclusive economy. We must bring Hope For All! For without hope, we will have nothing but sadness, anger, poverty and conflict.

Please add your voices – let us hear possible solutions.

Warm regards

Brian Moore


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3 thoughts on “Hope for all! Do you have a solution?

  • len stevens

    I have a PRACTICAL, WORKABLE, PLAN to create competent “Entrepreneurs”, among the Youth, and among needy Adults – who will then create “Sustainable Jobs” for others, in their new businesses.

    It is based upon my tried-and-tested, 5-intermittent-days, “GRID Training Method Course”, where – among other “Skills for Successful Living” – the Participants also learn “How to Teach and Train Others” … qualifying as Skills-Transfer Trainers … for which they receive a well-earned, thoroughly-evaluated, Certificate of Competence.

    The idea is for the ‘first’ Course, IN EACH of our country’s multiplicity of Areas where it’s being presented – to be ‘populated’ by Patriotic, Civic-Minded people … Retirees, warmly welcome!! … who possess “one or more”, of the kinds of Diverse Skills, useful for unemployed folk TO POSSESS! … when setting about starting their own small businesses.

    And now – their being competent Trainers, these “Skilled Citizens”, successfully train classes of the Unemployed, in their respective areas, in those skills they personally possess.

    Once the folk they’ve helped train to become “Entrepreneurs”, are now running their own businesses … They, Too, take this Course … Qualify as Trainers … and start training Other unemployed folk, in the ‘new-found’ Entrepreneurial Skills they’ve learned, through starting their own businesses. 

    And now that those previously-unemployed, Are Themselves, skilled Trainers! … they too, can contribute Their, New-Found Skills, to “the next” gatherings of the unemployed … and so on, and on, and on …!!!

    And … as your article suggests here – start “Providing a Solution”!

    Keep extrapolating this methodology? … and you’ll see not only its Practicality – but also its Potential to Exponentially Spread, right around the country … not in ‘decades’ … but in a matter of a Couple of Years!

    There’s MORE TO TELL – obviously – and there just isn’t the space here, at all, to do this PLAN justice! … so I invite ANYONE who’d like to “know more”? … to please email me at lenstevens@telkomsa.net – and I’ll readily share this information with you. You may even want to “Partner” with Me? … to Make It Happen?

    To find out more about Me? … please go into the “LinkedIn” site – and call up, len stevens training. There,  you’ll see something of my Professional Profile … and also find some information on my “GRID Training Method Course” I talk of, above here. 

    I might mention … I’ve taken This Same Course, three times, to GHANA – where it has met with the usual astonishing results, and “Rave Reviews” it deserves … but as a dedicated South African Patriot … my “First Duty” in this area of ‘helping out’, is RIGHT HERE!

    So – I look forward to receiving Any, and All, Local Enquiries! … and let’s, together, “Implement This SOLUTION”! 

  • Moira De Roche

    A bitter-sweet tale. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have an answer on how do we give hope. We do have to find a way to make everyone – especially young people – see that ultimately the hope has to come from within them. You man J illustrates that – he was treated really badly, but he did not say “Oh poor me, what can I do now” – he found a way. 

  • Jennifer Harris

    There is no doubt in my mind that what is needed for more jobs is for the informal sector to be entrepreneurs. This I believe needs to be encouraged as much as possible. One of the main problems seems to be that most people, especially the SMME Minister, set the bar too high. Individuals can start very small, say R5000 t/o per month and slowly but wisely grow a bit every month, until they can add to their staff.

    However, and most importantly, they need to understand the difference between turn- over and profit. They also need to keep a record of their transactions and to keep all their receipts. Many programmes were run in the past to teach people about small business but these seem to have fallen away over time. In my view organisations like banks should undertake this by giving mini loans and mentoring individuals. Maybe this is happening all ready and I am out of touch! Small businesses are extremely important in the American economy so why can’t we do the same on a much wider scale like they do in Bangladesh? It needs a few champions…