Democratic Constitution & Bill of Rights – Most unequal socio-economic & political society !

Call it what you like, it remains government with a strong nationalist foundation equal to that of an oppressive and discriminatory National Party government. Nationalism breeds discontent and justice and freedom are compromised.

Xenophobia is at the core of a fragmented government that tells the world of a democracy constitution when in fact most minority South African groups are disadvantaged through various discriminatory government policies and regulations that result in practices of entrenched discrimination and definitely an abuse of power that results in a people that are economically and socially deprived to experience a truly free market economy, “ubuntu” at work, to be seen as a loyal and trustworthy nation at work. South Africa is at risk, and I mean at risk because of a vengeance few nationalist believers. Racism can never be condoned and the practices in government policies and regulations place risk squarely at the doors of political power. Increasing your military capabilities leave an impression of a scared and in-secured political structure. Let us learn from the lessons of the many weak governments where war and civil unrest continue to result in the maiming and killing of innocent civilians because of nationalism, abuse of political and economic powers over people, and unjust government that will eventually fight a war against the very people that they claim to represent. 

A nation without economic muscle, and who remains dispossessed of land ownership is living in a “dream” world. If the stock exchange is a reflection of who owns the land, the natural resources, as well as our food supplies then someone or some force that came into political powers over the past twenty odd tears have compromised the dignity and the values of the “dream” nation.

I can speak like many South Africans when we call on all those in political positions and business conglomerates that your tactics of depriving the nation of justice and fairness is long overdue and that you need to publicly express to all freedom loving people what your dubious intentions are. Many religious leaders of the cloth of all denominations appear to have disappeared from speaking the truth about the injustices that exist today. What a pity.

In the Province of my birth there exist a love relationship between political power and the “secretive” filthy rich business community (call it what you want). The land and economic power are vested in a few, many of them have no allegiance to South Africa, and they pull the strings that we now find that over 80% of the community born and bred in this part of the world are being phased to live in impoverished conditions. They are economic “slaves”, many of them live below the bread-line. The sand dunes of the Cape is where the impoverished masses must live in fear and among gangsters. No need to speak of the poor state in public transport. Imports of clothing and textiles in the retail sectors where prices charged by the few rich individuals and business houses are exorbitant to say the least, save for the hundreds of plastic credit cards, “if there is no bread, give them cake to eat.” 

Water is a natural resource of which all people have a right to potable water, may soon be given as a project for an overseas agency to manage and therefore have excessive control over the lives of the nation. Imports of commodities and food supplies have become a reality and the economic deprivation of empowering people to cultivate our precious land resources that can support the notion of self sufficiency in food supplies is not on the agenda as it will not serve the few millionaires and billionaires (very rich oppressors) who are in a position to manipulate and be in control of charging excessive office and accommodation rental give the rich few the right of being in political and business control. Pay your rent, electricity and water supply or alternatively, go live in a “squatter camp”.

The financial and accounting management and administration by the super rich auditing companies and financial houses are our biggest risks in seeing to the needs of our people. The professors and other academics that show their faces in public on television and other media as the experts in helping sustainable economic growth are like “lion tamers” of what the few circus’s will use to tame the audience (the masses of people who have for far too long been hoodwinked) in believing that we need to trust their masters who pays for them to say the obvious.

The political powers have in effect abdicated their responsibilities over support of sustainable economic development that will grow people with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is a myth to believe that the appointment of Minister Pravin Gordhan is going to make any difference to the financial dilemma that we as the country find ourselves in. There exist no shame in the existing political and economic powers in the belief that South Africans have lost complete faith in their heavy-handedness manoeuvring as they are very well aware that no trust exist in them, and that the bickering among the bosses of labour are like empty barrels with no teeth.

It is just a matter of time when we will experience real economic hardship due to a lack of serious investors, pension funds will lack its financial powers due to resignations in the government sectors (allowing expertise and experience to withdraw), in a nutshell, the masses cannot afford to keep the hungry capitalist oppressors to earn more millions and billions of rand and dollars from the sweat of the “slaves” (call it what you want), South Africa require an Administrator to be appointed by the international community to handle the socio-economic and political management of the affairs of our nation (are there any other reasonable suggestions) the leader of the political opposition ……. (well, it reminds me of someone that was once called “kort broek”). Our honourable president felt it more convenient to meet Banki Moon (please call him the Secretary General of the United Nations next time on television) for talks of peace somewhere in Africa when in fact “Rome is Burning”. Employment in the mining sectors are key to peace in our land, the workers in the agricultural sectors and the rural communities are fuming,labour outsourcing remains at an explosive position, and not to mention that academic institutions and the schooling systems require political intervention and action towards quality and affordable education. We will experience the side effects of the unrest at our universities at the end of the 2016 academic year.

Mr President, the black masses are not in control of economic power, nor do they have money to invest, nor do they own land that can be used as collateral, I appeal to you Mr President when you yourself publically expressed your as the President that can take decisions, ………………. everything is “falling” and a leadership can only lead when everything is “growing” normally, or better still, when you are confident that there are followers (the masses) that follow your leadership. That true leadership is diminishing and we continue to experience non delivery in municipal services particularly servicing poor and rural poor communities.

Mr President and your administration show the nation and the world your political clout at work, we appeal that wisdom prevails in trustworthy decisions and action where outcome can be seen in closing the huge gap between the rich and the poor communities as a matter of urgency.

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