What are the obligations of an assessor and /or moderator? 3

Back in the dark ages – March 2013 – I wrote an article on understanding assessment. I later followed this with an article on understanding moderation.¬†The assessor article can be found by following the link¬†below….


My question now is – what are the obligations of an assessor and/or moderator????? In other words if the assessor and/or moderator do their work properly then what are their obligations in relation to the learners and to the provider???

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3 thoughts on “What are the obligations of an assessor and /or moderator?

  • Annette Loubser

    My take is that the assessor has an obligation to ensure that the learning meets the qualification requirements according to the set principles and the recommendations for improvements should form part of the final assessment report to the provider. The improvements are not learners centred but organizational requirements. Likewise, the moderator’s report not only helps to improve the quality of the work of the assessor but also the assessment system as such. These are critical documents for any training provider to analyze and apply to their continuous improvement system. I may have it wrong, but this is my current understanding Des?

  • Des Squire Post author

    Should I be surprised or disappointed that out of over 1200 assessors and moderators registered in that group – no one has made comment???