The Rights of the Speaker of the House of Parliament in Joint Sittings of the House.

The Honourable State of the Nation Address at a Joint Sitting of Parliament, Thursday, 11 February 2016.

The Speaker has the democratic power and right to call the House to Order.

The Speaker has indicated that there is only one matter that will be dealt with at this evening’s sitting of the House is to allow the Honourable President to give his State of the Nation Address.

No member of the House has the right to bring the Speaker to order, nor to bring the House into disrepute.

The Honourable members that have spoken over the voice of the Speaker as well as the Honourable President do not have any right to raise any points of order.

The opposition members of Parliament who have raised “on points of order” have brought shame to the nation.

The members of parliament have to adhere to the rulings of the Speaker and not to try and show political power and political muscle. 

Two days next week have been allowed for discussion of the Honourable President’s address.

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