Achieving Personal Vision for Unprecedented Success


The year has started and people are of good cheer, full of optimism about the year ahead. There is a great deal of
sentiment about what one is going to do differently this year. Yet all of it gives me a sense of shallowness, don’t
get me wrong there are those who will apply what they have said they would do and be successful. But the vast
majority of resolutions do not last. They do not last because they are made on shaky foundations. They do not
last because they are often made without real vision. 

Last week we were in the North West Province again mentoring young people on a rural entrepreneurial
development programme. As it was the first session, I asked the would-be entrepreneurs to introduce
themselves and tell me what their passions were. Every single one of them shared their unfulfilled passion,
each gave a reason why they had not achieved their passion (vision). Some of the reasons for not
achieving their passion tugged at my heart. I realized that there is so much work to be done. These are
young people all under thirty yet already they have the belief that their dreams are unachievable.
They are not the only people who have given up because of one experience or another. There are
incredibly talented, intelligent and extremely capable men and women all over the world who have given
up because of a bad break, self-talk that it will never happen or just simply not getting the support from
their families and friends. 

History has taught us that a true vision is not achieved over night but rather that we have to nurture it, feed, it and embrace it in order for us to achieve it. I realize that most of the unachieved dreams are as a result of not having a solid vision.

If we agree that vision is the ability to see ahead, then we will also agree that we have to journey towards
it. The bible, in the book of Habbakuk tells us to write down the vision. When we write down the vision, we
are able to hold ourselves accountable and each day that we do not achieve our goals becomes an
opportunity to ask why? The feeling that we are not journeying towards our goals, makes us impatient,
anxious and sometimes depressed. This doesn’t have to be the case. We don’t have to get depressed or
anxiety ridden before we act. We don’t have to give up but we do need to seek the right channels,
activities or people to assist us in achieving our goals.

Having a solid vision for the future and having the right tools to achieve it is my passion. I have run vision
courses over the years and have received feedback on how it has changed lives, enabled people to change
direction, and generally given delegates added momentum.

This year I am running a one day programme on Achieving Personal Vision. Delegates will receive a toolkit with templates on how to develop a vision strategy as well as how to implement the strategy. If you are tired of your situation not changing, if you have lost your way, if you are not sure where to go to from here, if you believe that you have something you need to do but due to circumstance you cannot achieve it, come and join
this workshop and grow from it. 

Title: Achieving Personal Vision
Date: 15 February 2016
Time: 8:00am-4:30pm
Place: Sandton

Price Per delegate: R1,500.00 (10% discount for group of 5 or more)

  • Tool kit on developing your vision and seeing it to implementation
  • Handouts and participant manual
  • Refreshments and light lunch

White Hall
Trading & Projects

7th Floor, Investment Building
97 Commissioner Street
Cell +27 72 651 4195
Fax +27 86 617 0976

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