About women abuse. Men, I need your help!

I read a really strong and hard – hitting article “No men, you are not entitled“, by the president of the ANC women’s league, Bathabile Dlamini.

Everything, that she writes, is true.  Women are being abused, diminished, taken advantage of and side-stepped – in this male dominated and male-privileged world.

It happens in homes, schools, offices, government and in our day-to-day decisions and interactions! Sadly, it is perpetuated by both genders.

The situation, is unacceptable, and has been the norm since the birth of time.

It is long past the time, for all people and in particular men, to stand up for women abuse, disrespect and exclusion.

I got to thinking. I would like to do something, and I’m sure you would also like to do so. But what do we do, when, where and how?

All it takes is awareness, intention, commitment and action. One person can, initiate such change. But it is far more effective, and powerful when ordinary people, like us,  take small, daily actions.

This is where I need your help, and that of womankind, what do you suggest?

What can and will you do? What daily steps can each of us take, to stop the rampant abuse and to ensure equality of genders?

I look forward, to your input. More so, I look forward to reading of your actual actions. (Please comment here, or call and email me.)

Brian V Moore

+27 79 643 4457

Image from www.studentbrands.co.za


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