Careers that are in danger in 2016

As we go into the new year, it’s important to take stock of what will be relevant still – this is especially the case as technology has so rapidly progressed. We need to be able to keep up in a number of ways – of particular importance is keeping up in terms of business, especially to ask how relevant our services or products are.

For example, it wasn’t so long ago where people skilled in VCR repairs were essential for modern families; there was a machine like that in every home and frequently they required maintenance. Skilled technicians could find work easily due to the ubiquity and use of these devices.

Nowadays, no one will advise you to go into such a career path as so few people use VCRs. Yet, the jobs that are in danger in 2016 are actually surprising. These are careers where tech is not only making jobs easier but rather capable of replacing workers altogether.

As Yahoo! reports, “workers in some industries seem especially vulnerable to technology.” For example:

“Production workers in industries such as textiles, packaging, coating, painting and meatcutting … are mostly lower-skill jobs that can be done by increasingly sophisticated machines—a trend that has been underway for years and shows no signs of abating.”

Those involved in “bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and billing clerks” are also in danger. Sophisticated software is helping all manner of people with their bills, taxes and other difficult finance admin. This has taken away a lot of need for bookkeepers and accountants. However, “There’s still strong demand for more sophisticated auditors and accountants who deal with complex tax and financial situations.”

Some fields are still open and safe, such as IT jobs: after all, someone needs to create and maintain the technology that seems to be aiding, if not replacing, people.

Further, those involved in medicine tend to have very good job security. As MarketWatch notes: “Less than 0.5% of physicians and surgeons were unemployed last year, a lower rate than for the vast majority of occupations. The BLS also forecasts the number of physicians and surgeons to grow by 17.8% by 2022, one of the faster growth rates reviewed.”

The future is unpredictable in terms of certainty, but judging by thse estimates, we should be taking stock of precisely the career paths we should be examining and focused on – as well as ascertaining what properties makes them secure in the first place.

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