If we clear our minds, in 2016, we can create our own destiny! 4

An open letter to all South Africans.

Many South Africans feel like the victims of their current circumstances. They focus on the drought, poor leadership, exchange rate, crime, education system etc. And this thinking is blocking our ability to act differently! 

Fortunately, the future of our country lies, not in the hands of our current leaders, but in the thoughts and deeds of its citizens.

Just imagine, if we could train our minds, not to think of what our leaders are doing wrong, of what negatives are happening, and what is bad. That would mean we’d clear our entire brain, and have total thinking power. We would then be able to focus purely on what is possible.

There is so much that is amazingly possible. And this must be the focus of our thoughts, visions and dreams. We can then add everything that we have described as impossible, based on our past clogged and polluted thoughts.

So let’s step back, sit back, or lie back. Clear our minds, of all negativity, of all impossibility, of all roadblocks and seek out a vision of what we can create!

If there were no limitations – what can be?

What must we do for our elderly and children. What must we do to have everybody gainfully employed, or successful in business? What facilities, what opportunities, and what activities? What resources do we need? 

Picture the transport system, the communication system, the education system, the business environment, the health environment, community development, housing, security and safety, business development, transformation and inclusion, leadership in business and government, development and training projects, and the mindsets of our people and how they see and deal with each other.

What do you see? What would you do differently? What should I do differently?

Our focus on what is wrong, has done nothing for us. And will never create anything more than sadness, desperation and anger. With a switch of focus, we can use that as a foundation for determining what should be!

Let’s all get together, clear our minds, design the future and take back the destiny of this beautiful land. 

Are you in? Can you help? Let’s talk!

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4 thoughts on “If we clear our minds, in 2016, we can create our own destiny!

  • Brian V Moore Post author

    Awesome Hannes. 

    Although we need to be consistently aware of what is happening in our country, we cannot let that be our sole focus.

    We can do better.

    May your 2016 be awesome!

  • Hannes Nel

    By sheer coincidence I wrote an article this morning, also with a positive message. Sylvia promised to post it later, seeing that you beat me to it.

  • Hannes Nel

    Yes, I most certainly is in. However, I wonder if the powers in being are interested in my contribution. Anyway, I am not working for them, I am working for my country and fellow South Africans, so I will force them to tolerate my contribution.