Yes, we can. (Elect a competent, values-based government.)

If you have the air in your lungs to protest, and the strength in your fingers to bemoan our current political situation on social media – then you have the resources to help to bring the change that we need.

At the barbecues, at parties, at work and on FaceBook & Twitter – indignant people are complaining and signing petitions. Principally it is about #ZumaMustFall. That is the wrong focus. Sure he must go – but what will change?

We will just get another leader from the same morally-corrupt political party. We will be laughed at, in Parliament, by our politicians.  The corruption will go on and our nation will sink into the mire with other financially destroyed economies.

History teaches that political lethargy allows bad rulers to destroy countries. We have long gone past the stage of simply allowing South Africa to be brought down through political incompetence. It is our time now to get active. To physically DO something.

NOW is the time for us to convince our people of the value in voting for Values-Based leaders. Or we WILL lose our country to political incompetence!

Two Facts: We must have Values-based Leaders. Voters can bring change!

Values-based Leaders are Leaders of Integrity are: Accountable, Committed, Fair, Firm, Honest, People and Nation-Focused, Responsible, Skilled, Transparent and Free of Prejudice.

The first step is to start involving and educating people. Let’s all get people to register to vote.

We need to vote now for our future. Our vote is a thinking choice. Up until now it has been emotional and based on history. We must not simply vote for a particular political party, because that is what we have always done. Our vote must be based on the actual values of the person – or party.

The next Municipal elections are just 6 months away. The time is now for all good people to stand up and be counted.  You, I and our friends are the most important people in the history of our beautiful South Africa. We simply have to start our own physical and social media campaigns to choose values-based leaders. This will lay the foundation for the next National elections.

Because together – we can get the government that we need and deserve!

Our children deserve that. The unemployed and poor must have that. Business can only sustainably employ people, in a stable economy. South Africa, Africa and the World need our committed and focused action. Right now!

7 Steps to Create a NEW South Africa!

2) Stop accepting political mediocrity and incompetence.
3) Commit to make a difference. 
4) Get politically ACTIVE (Inaction delivers more of the same.)
5) Get ACTIVE on Social Media and in your conversations.
6) Get people to register to vote. 
7) Teach them to vote for values-based candidates and get them to vote. 

It IS up to us! 

YES!  We will make the difference that will save our country from economic and political ruin.

Through going door-to-door, using Social media and the incredible communications resources – such as email, WhatsApp and blogs – we can bring sense and order to this land. 


Let’s do it together!

Thank you,

Brian Moore
+27 79 643 4457

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