Why Choose to Become an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor

Training to become a doctor is a decision that is usually taken at a young age.  This is partly due to the amount of training required and also to do with the background of sciences which is necessary to qualify for the training.  Of course, it is possible to train as a doctor later in life, but the time period can complicate this further as you are more likely to have a lifestyle which needs supporting.

The basic training follows these steps:

  • Study for an undergraduate degree.  This will take four years and will need to be in a science based field.
  • Attend medical school for a further four years.  This is usually split into two years in the classroom and then two years in residency placement.  This is the period where you will first get to practice what you have learnt and where you learn far more than the years at university have taught you.
  • The residency program.  The length of this will depend upon the specialist field you wish to qualify in.  This period is still considered to be training and you will work within a hospital studying both general medicine and your specialized subject.  This period can take between three and seven years.

If you choose to specialize in the Ear, Nose and Throat (GNO ENT Doctors are an example) is the field then you will need to spend between three and five years as a student in an ENT residency program.  At least one year of this will be spent training in surgery.  After you have completed the residency you will be able to apply for a state medical license; although you will need to renew your license every seven to ten years (depending upon the state you live in).

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With all the studying required it may be daunting to decide to become an ear, nose and throat doctor, but there are many good reasons to specialize in this field:

  • Helping Others – As with any career within the medical profession you will have the opportunity to make a difference to the quality of life that thousands of people experience.  Your skills and knowledge will improve and save lives!
  • Dealing with the senses – The five senses are essential to maximizing anyone’s quality of life.  An ear, nose and throat doctor will assist people with preventing and curing issues with these senses and help to ensure anyone can maximize their life experience.
  • Variety – An ENT specialist deals with a huge range of issues, from birth defects, ear infections, growths, facial injuries, right through to respiratory issues and snoring.  Becoming a specialist in this field will ensure you have a varied, exciting job for life!
  • Learning – Medical science is constantly evolving and improving.  Should you wish to you can be at the forefront of these development and help to shape the future for thousands of people.
  • Surgery options – Part of the training to become an ENT professional is to undertake a surgical rotation.  This will ensure you have the necessary skills to put your learning into practice and perform surgery as necessary.  This can open a wide variety of options in your career.
  • Practice or Hospital – Part of these options is that the skills learnt in this specialized field are usable in either practice or at the hospital.  This means you will have the option to move between roles to ensure you maintain your interest in the field and find the perfect fit for your skills.
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