How to keep your employees happy

As a business owner or the person responsible for running a business, one of the worst things you can do is make your employees unhappy. A major part of your focus should be keeping the people who work for you happy.


A happy employee will do their best work for you and will always be willing to go the extra mile. Those are the people you want to be working for you. And the good news is that it doesn’t take much to make people happy. As the leader you have the power to put in place new processes which will make a world of difference to your employees.


Follow these simple rules so you don’t risk upsetting your most valuable resource.


Understand that they have a personal life

No one wants to feel chained to their desk. Make sure your employees know they are able to get up, walk around, visit the doctor and go shopping during the day. Remember, you’re employing adults and you should be able to trust them not to take advantage.


Allow everyone to explore other areas

If someone shows interest in working in another area of the company, give them the opportunity to give it a try. They may discover a hidden talent. At the very least, they may realise the grass isn’t greener on the side and find new interest in their own job.


Don’t forget to pay them

This one really shouldn’t have to be mentioned. But I’ll go ahead and talk about it anyway. It’s that important. Don’t pay people late, don’t forget to pay them. Set up a debit order so salary payments take place automatically. An added bonus? This will save you money.


Let them know where they stand

People like to know they are valued. If someone in your team is doing a good job, let them know. Tell them that you appreciate their efforts and value their contribution.

Keep staff informed

No one enjoys rumours and hearing whispered stories. Make a point of keeping staff updated on new hires and recent resignations. These are issues which will have an impact on their lives and they should know. Employees who are kept in the loop feel part of a team and are more willing to contribute.


Give people what they want

Ask workers what they want and they will invariably give you the same response. Money and time. That’s all anyone really wants. Be sure to incentivise staff by offering cash bonuses to hardworking staff. The promise of a Friday afternoon off also does wonders to improve productivity. You’ll be rewarded with a rested and happier staff on Monday morning.

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