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Hi everyone

I run the risk of having asked this before, or this having being posted before, but I need help.

I need copies of certificates for someone:

  • Matric, in Durban in 1978
  • Advanced Diploma RAU (UJ) in 1984

I will try contact UJ to see if they could help me with the Advanced Diploma, but any other suggestions for me would really be appreciated.

Thanks, and enjoy your weekends!

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5 thoughts on “Copies of certificates

  • Jared Shippel

    You are welcome Jackie. It may be very different in terms of the MBA. Surely the Advanced Diploma should be sufficient evidence that the person is capable of undertaking an MBA. Again, the university’s policy may require the presentation of the matric certificate but you can always discuss this with them. I find that open and candid discussions are often best. 

  • Jackie Franck Post author

    Good morning Jared

    The person is considering doing an MBA, so I’m not sure if an affidavit would suffice?  We’re going to try to Dept of Education route, but I certainly will suggest the affidavit, and he must find out if it would be acceptable.

    But useful information to remember for employees wanting to take part in learning programs, in a similar situation.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Jared Shippel

    Hi Jackie, If the purpose of the certificates is for a learning programme with the relevant SETA, I would suggest you speak with their ETQA. In some cases they are prepared to accept an affidavit along with proof that the originals have been applied for or that they cannot be extracted from the system.

    I have had one extreme case where the certificate required was for a lady who had completed matric in the 1930’s (believe it or not) and is very active in the real estate industry. In this case she was being compelled to complete a qualification and she did not have a copy of the certificate nor could it be found. An affidavit to this effect was sufficient. Only some time into this endeavour was the process made much simpler for this lady and many others, when it was declared that they were exempt from the qualification as a whole.

    If the need for the certificate is for a different purpose then I hope that my response is able to assist you in some way.

  • Janelle Gravett

    Hi Jackie

    I have just gone through this process myself to obtain a matric certificate – I also wrote in 1978!

    You have to go to your local Department of Education office.  Can be the local District office.  Go to the Exam section and complete a “Certification Form 2”. 

    TAKE WITH YOU – An Affidavit that states when and where you wrote matric and why you no longer have the certificate and a CERTIFIED copy of the ID book.

    Pay the DoE R114.00.  This is for the new Certificate and for a Statement of Results. 

    The Statement of Results should be available within 7 working days – the certificate takes 3 months!  When I went in the person laughed and said it may take more than 3 months for my certificate since I wrote in 1978 and its not on the computer!  We will wait and see!  If you have the statement of results this should suffice until the certificate finally arrives

    You have the option to collect the documents or have them posted to you.

    hope this helps! Janelle