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Are you caught in a busy trap, are suffering from info besity?  I am a public speaker and one of the topics that I like to speak on is the Busy Trap. 

I have been a practitioner of meditation and self awareness methods for the fabled 10000 hours and still am realising that I do not know much! But all the same feel that I can speak on this. I attended a meeting a while ago where there appeared to be a frenzy, this made me deeply uncomfortable. Tweeting while speaking, two screens up… Who really listened… Where was your attention? Your phone, ipad or the very real Person standing up here, speaking – alive… And present…

We are caught in the “Busy” trap – my spin on this information overload is how to be conscious – becoming consciously aware of your choices as well as what choices NEED to be highlighted in the working environment. We need to tackle our own internal noise and deal with what we choose to let into our lives, inbox, sms, phone. 

Keeping the very real fact of information overload in mind, think about what does this do to our inner state? Your body state, what is your body doing? Is it in a flight or flight state? These are key simple tools to start becoming AWARE.

I would like to ask you you what you think consciousness is? Consciousness’ is the concept of “Being aware of your self” We all need to take control of this! 

The sad fact of this is that Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day? Why are your really cramming as much as you can in?

DID you know that the amount of information contained on the front page of the New York Times is more news than people 100 years ago consumed in a lifetime. What is this doing to you? STOP – think of your Inner State… Your Body State – what is happening right now?

Let us have a look at what this information overload does to you. Besides stress, information overload has been shown to lead to decision fatigue, which has a demoralizing effect on people and lowers their self-esteem. Are you suffering from filter failure? “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

The Truth about Too Much Information:
Information doesn’t necessarily increase knowledge.
Information is not the source of wisdom.
More information can make decisions more difficult.
Information does not expand consciousness.


If you are internalizing negativity from your surroundings, it lowers your vibration, so that you are then more likely to attract negativity into your own life. That’s just law… I may be touching on some nerves by now, since when has information overload affected philosophy of life?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” – Albert Einstein

Before continue reading I would like you to get up of your chairs, and I want you to actually have a mime or charade as to what your body and mind look like with all this information overload.

When I first gave this talk, I saw that I am not the only one out there that is concerned, in fact someone beat me to publishing! Its called called the Information Diet by Clay Johnson – I quote from it – “The modern human animal spends upwards of 11 hours out of every 24 in a state of constant consumption. Not eating, but gorging on information ceaselessly spewed from the screens and speakers we hold dear. Just as we have grown morbidly obese on sugar, fat, and flour—so, too, have we become gluttons for texts, instant messages, emails, RSS feeds, downloads, videos, status updates, and tweets. “Does this seem familiar?

Take a breather now before I move onto helping you out of this – do you drink from a fire hydrant or slowly from a glass??? TMI is the same…what is better for you?

Fortunately we are Sentient Beings that may make choices and change the environment in which we move. We may take this external noise of information and become more aware of our inner state – start from inside regarding our decisions as to what we take in.

There is something that I have been doing for over 15 years now, that is meditating. Sitting quietly and simply getting in touch with myself and clearing my monkey mind. Once you get it right, its not called a practice for nothing – you will find a clarity of Being and calmness that will pervade all the decisions you need to make in the day. As an example,  Washington University trained 50 people on meditation and body relaxation, (a control group, a group that received training in meditation, and a group that was taught body relaxation). they were subject to extreme multitasking before hand and post the training They reported more more “connected time” on single tasks and strengthened their ability not to pay attention to something and to stay with something.

So what do you need to do. Let us have a look at some ideas.

Mindful Technology Fasting

I need you to understand that I am as guilty as you and am learning all the time to fast on information and only take in what is really needed. When did you last really get away from it all? In the same drive at Washington University – Students were asked to restrict their technology intake for a period of three days – tools such as phone stacking when meeting friends, less texting – you get my drift. After this surprise, surprise they said that found themselves being more engaged in the world, connected with people around them. Most of the strife that we experience with one another is because of a lack of REAL communication, face to face interaction, info fasting brings to a closer manner of inter acting with your world.

Healthy Intake – Nutritional Support for your stress

Watching your consumption of the type of information that is necessary for whatever task you need to accomplish is crucial. As you chew food mindfully choose your intake in a healthy manner, stick to what is really needed and  SLOW DOWN… I am sure that you have heard of the slow food movement? People who have decided to rather eat and cook at leisure. Last year on a brief retreat that I had in the mountains near Beaverlak, I received a clear message that its time to slow down. Slowing down leads to appreciation of intake – in all ways. 

1. Keep a record of your online life.
2. Set time limits for your Internet use. 
3. At least once a month, spend an entire day offline.
4. Always go online with a purpose.
Give yourself a specific time period—say, an hour—to answer personal emails, update your Facebook page, and check texts. After that, turn off the computer (or phone) and do something offline.

Meaningful Connection

When was the last time you really connected meaningfully without interruption with your colleagues, your family? Do you text instead of listening to those closest to you? Have you developed bad manners regarding this? Take time to forgo technology and slow down. Half the stress we create is due to the poor intake and hurry of having information


Do you have an internal C.R.A.P. detector? 

Purpose/Point of View

I am sure that you have seen run away news that has no basis of truth on the Book of Faces. When you ’ re mindful, you know that you ’ re mindful. You ’ re aware of what you ’ re thinking, what you ’ re feeling and what you ’ re sensing in your body, and you know that you ’ re aware of these things. Much of the time we ’ re just not aware in that sense. So allow your innerput to be sensitive. 

Its really very simple – start becoming a conscious consumer by taking charge of you life by being contemplative in your multi tasking, mindfully fast on your technology usage, have a healthy intake, take some time to have meaningful connection and be fully aware of your innerput! 

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At the centre of my business is a practice of stillness and authenticity. I am in this business to upskill people for a sustainable future. To encourage skills development that care for our planet, people and all its diversity Through this deep knowledge of self I bring to the classroom consciousness in Facilitation and Consistent well written course material. I endeavor to make any soft skill or business skill given to me an experience beyond what the material dictates. I have a full repository of already written material available that you can contact me for. I also provide Accreditation Services. Being conscious of your actions from within simply makes good business sense now.

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7 thoughts on “Caught in the Busy Trap? Suffering from Info Besity?

  • Tass Schwab Post author

    There is no need to work for long hours straight without taking a break. There are some things you need to also look at from a practical level.

    What are the ergonomics of your workstation? Are you comfortable?

    What is your nutrition intake, are you eating well enough to nourish your body? This does mean cutting down on teas and coffee or any drinks that have sugar or caffeine. 

    Are you breathing shallowly at your workstation? Ensure that your breathing is deep, this will assist you too! 

    It has been suggested that at least a 5 – 10 minute break from your computer every hour is good for your health too. This means actually getting up and away from your workstation. Eye breaks are needed too, every 15 minites stare into the distance, to give your eyes a break. Tech usage extends to the home as well. Switch off at night, no need to check phone all the time and if possible excersise and spend time walking instead of slumped at a tv. This is just off the top of my head. 

    Bottom line, start taking breaks! 

  • Chanel du Plessis

    I think my mind is telling me if I don’t slow down willingly, it will do it forcefully. How do I take a break and control my information intake, if my job consists of sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day and doing research and marketing online?

  • Tass Schwab Post author

    Chanel, perhaps its time you took some techno fasting and meditation into consideration! Meditation will allow you to remain alert and calm and as some studies have shown even more efficient. Modern living and the information overload that we are bombarded with needs to be managed – by ourselves. We have a choice to slow down. 

  • Chanel du Plessis

    Usually I focus very well. I can sit and work for four hours straight without taking a break or losing concentration. But I have to admit it has it’s downside. The last few days I have been so tired I had to reread some of the sentences in your article because I didn’t take anything in. As soon as I’ve read the sentence I forget what it said. I answered my office phone this morning and for a few seconds there was silence because I couldn’t remember the name of the company I work for. Its scary how we don’t realise what we are doing to our bodies.