Why you (probably) haven’t been promoted yet

Big promotions will probably only come by a few times in your life, but when they do, it’s a different kind of accomplishment to finishing college or landing your first job. A promotion is the affirmation that you have been noticed and that someone up there thinks you’re going places.

But what if you wait for a promotion that doesn’t come?

If time is moving on and you aren’t rising up the ranks, you might think it’s time to seek out a new employer where you will be better appreciated, and compensated accordingly. Before you seek out greener pastures, first think about what might be stopping you.

You haven’t been promoted yet because…you’re waiting to have a job you can prove yourself in

You might be willing to take on responsibility and show what you can do, but perhaps you haven’t been given a meaty enough role to prove yourself in yet.

Is that what you tell yourself? Then that may be why you haven’t been promoted yet.

Don’t wait until you have an ‘important’ job to do your best. If your employers can’t trust you with the small jobs, then how they entrust you with something bigger? No matter how insignificant you think your job or a specific task is, always do it to the best of your abilities.

You haven’t been promoted yet because…you put in only what is required of you

Sometimes it’s not enough to do well at what is expected of you. You need to do well even at what isn’t. This could be staying a couple hours late to finish a presentation well-before the due date so that there is time to make suggested edits.  Or it could mean volunteering to help with the end of year social. Some opt to get another qualification. Something like computer courses is useful in nearly any profession, but take a look at what skills are in demand in your sector.

You haven’t been promoted yet because…you expect to be promoted vertically

We typically think of a promotion as meaning that you move up a rung in the career ladder. However, career progression is a lot more complex nowadays. If you only want to move up, you might have to wait a while. But what about moving sideways?

A horizontal promotion doesn’t mean that you rank higher in the office power structure, but it does come with new responsibilities. This broadens your skillset, which might equip you for your future career better than a fancier job title.

If you only have your eyes on what’s above you, you might not ever think to look what’s around you right now. 

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