WEST COAST TO SKILL 40 SOCIAL WORKER SUPPORT STAFF: Adopt a Learner to fund shortfall of Learnership grants


A special Project has been launched in the Vredenburg area of the West Coast to provide unemployed and employed youth with skills which will qualify them as Social Auxiliary workers and Youth and Child Care workers.


The Project was initiated by Community Development Initiatives International (CDII) and its We MiND Foundation (www.wemindfoundation.com), a non profit company which focuses on community and local development through education, training, sport and business development.

CDII’s Don Leffler says “we approached Siyabonga, a NGO operating from a farm just outside Vredenburg, to partner us in this initiative. Siyabonga has an excellent reputation for the enormous work it does for communities in the Vredenburg area”.

Like many NGO’s, Siyabonga has capacity and financial challenges because of the enormous demands for social support services in the area. Siyabonga has a well qualified and dedicated staff which strive for excellence in the provision of services for pre-school children, the physically and mentally challenged as well as other social support services. However, says Don Leffler “Siyabonga needs additional qualified staff to meet the needs of local communities”.


Says Don Leffler, “CDII and Siyabonga have approached an accredited training provider to provide the theory training for the Project. However, the tuition fees exceed the grants awarded by HWSETA and we are seeking funding support from local government and businesses to ensure the success of the Project”.

It would be a great pity” says CDII’s Don Leffler “if we are not able to implement the Project because of a lack of funding for the full tuition costs. We are therefore appealing to businesses and community development funders to Adopt-a-Learner by contributing to the shortfall in tuition fees of R 7 000.00 per learner”.

For further information on the Project or to support the ‘Adopt a Learner” fundraising campaign contact Don Leffler at donbleffler@gmail.com or call 076 5800 271.

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