There is always hope – even when the Economy seems bad!

Yes – there is always hope!

No matter who you are, or how young, old, educated (add your own description – “I am too…” ) – if you have a change in mind-set – you can find opportunities.

It has taken me far too many years to actively seek out new opportunities. This is an indictment of my own limited thinking and the environment in which I have grown. I am definitely not stupid – I speak many languages and greet in much more.

For all of that – I have been “job-focused”. I have put all of my energy into growing our business (my job of 26 years) and using my gifts to transform the lives of people. I never understood that I had stopped seeing opportunities, to make money – so that I could fund that beautiful dream.

Now my eyes have been opened – by a person who is awesome at what he does – but needed someone to market his products. He has made me see life differently and I have begun to help him. I am now able to follow my dream, by building his business, satisfying his clients and building his dreams.

I cannot remember being so excited in my life!

So all we need is a change of thinking, focus and dedicated action. And we often need people to reveal our potential and opportunities to us.

I hope that I have started that for you, today!

Warm regards,

Brian Moore

079 643 4457

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