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In every business, there are systems and processes in place. The strength of a business lies in how effective they are. If they’re weak, flawed or badly managed, that’s going to undermine the ability of your business to operate efficiently and produce results.

When you sense that there are problems in your business, or that there is room for improvement, it’s usually a good idea to begin by scrutinising your systems and processes. Look at whether they are as well-oiled as they can be.

There is where project management skills come in handy.

Project management

Your business processes directly affect how your projects get completed. They become complex and can get tricky to handle, especially the bigger they get. Closely related to business process and systems is project management.

A project is a business goal with multiple and interdependent parts, or tasks, involving a number of key points where decisions need to be made. Sometimes these tasks may run concurrently, or they need to run sequentially, in other words where you need to finish one step before you can start the next.

It’s important that the parts are being properly co-ordinated. Failing to do so results in time-wasting, mismanagement of resources, or poor quality of the completed project. 

It’s important that you have employees equipped with strong project management skills. A good place to start improving systems and processes is by improving the employees’ skills that have a direct effect on them.

The value of project management

Project management skills are versatile skills to have. It isn’t only for engineering or management professionals. From software development to events management, any field that requires the completion of a project has a need for project management skills. 

It can be difficult to coordinate everything in the most effective and efficient way possible without project management. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture. Developing the ability for that kind of perspective can be applied in many different scenarios.

Getting experience in project management or attending project management training can teach you and your employees skills that can be applied in many scenarios. Your employees will learn to foster communication and collaboration, keep projects on track, manage scope, and coordinate efforts. As well as defining roles and responsibilities, see a project through from conceptualisation to completion,

Businesses that don’t make use of regularly updated project management skills can often suffer from projects that are late, or don’t meet the required functionality. They usually have weak standard processes and techniques, which are used inconsistently. It’s these organisations who view project management as an overhead, instead of an essential component of core funding.

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6 thoughts on “Why you need project management skills in your business

  • Welcome Mswazi Kubeka

    Dear Chantel,

    Last week (September) I attended a two day training on Project management and MS project management. I have realised the crucial importance of project management in someones live.  I have already started to use the principles which I have learnerd about in my Research Projects.  I believe that will assist me to achieve all my research goals.


    Dr Welcome Kubeka

  • Irene James

    Agree!  Project Management Skills allow the individuals to “bring it all together”, without being myopic. The skills force one into thinking critically to solve problems, and communicate effectively. I certainly would classify this as a critical and scarce skill for all sectors – can’t understand why the SETA’s don’t put more emphasis on it.

  • Wessel PIETERS

    A good point to debate with valid points.  Some further thoughts on the subject below.

    APMSA suggest “project management” is:

    “a considered Action determined by personal attributes of Leadership & Creativity, driven by the combined effect of the Care for Achievement vs. the Care for People comprising any one or a combination of

    • Planning,

    • Organizing,

    • Leading and

    • Controlling

    based on objective and / or subjective information that is interpreted by the manager’s Value System, Ethics, and appropriate Experience, within a Context, and then decided upon based on the available Resources, Risk and Opportunity
    The Action is communicated in accordance with the Leadership style, Assertiveness and Thinking Style preferences of an authorised person in terms of the corporate governance and often internalised management models.”

    APMSA wants “project management” to be understood as:
    PM: Management – team & organization building, allocation of resources, risk treatment and PR

    PSS: Project Support Services that gathers data through the system of processes, consolidate it into information across Time, Cost, Risk, Quality and presents reports to Minimize the Deviation to Plan.

    Observe that PM: Management is 90% tacit Knowledge and no training programme can impart that knowledge.

    PSS: Project Support Services is what is called ‘Project management” by most.

    Important to understand that there are different competencies; PM and PSS.  They are not the same.

    Under “project management” we must also understand Complexity, Portfolio management, Programme management and Project Management all driven by PM and PSS at different levels of Knowledge and Competence. 

    The weak project management capability in SA is attributed to cultural influences in the first place, 2ndly to a very diluted understanding of what “project management” is and what its power is and 3edly weak academic programmes that follows a exceptionally weak framework.

  • Fayez Alwahidi

    Project management is very critical for every leader that seeks success for his forum, playing as a team leader is very essential to avoid many risks happen in leading any project whatever the project is big or small. Positive Communication is the main factor. I would like to add the lessons learn from each completed project is very important to build a good skills
    This topic is excellent