A Woman’s Role

It pains me that there are still entities that view a woman who is a mother as an ‘Either-Or’ role – restricting her chances for economic independence and equality with men in sectors.

With over 13 years in formal employment, followed by 10 more years of consulting, then another two-and-a-half formal years, and now back into freelance – I’m concerned that the explicit ‘demand’ for experienced, professional women on a part-time or consulting basis, has hardly changed one bit.

In fact, the call for part-time Administrators, Bookkeepers and Trainers appear to be rather steady (RecruitMyMom.co.za and SkillsPortal.co.za as example). Yet more senior roles, or positions that demand higher degrees of expertise, experience and accountability are not evident.

Carving one’s way through the World is hard enough for everybody; but to ignorantly or even knowingly attribute stereotypical measures to any one’s ability and potential, is to make the journey a harder, rockier one for All

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