Economic Transformation The Quantum Leap. 1

“Die een se dood is die ander se brood” Europe is in die nood, Amerika en Britanje is hopeloos te laat.

Africa has a major role to play in world economics and South Africa whilst still reeling from its racist past, need to “smell the coffee” and take corrective action NoW rather than later in contributing to racial and cultural emancipation and rescind all laws that prohibit the equal freedom, liberties, rights and support of all citizens as expected in a country that portrays freedom and democracy. It is hard to believe that the right to occupation of Europe by what is termed “refugees” are finally showing the hopelessness of Europe, America and Britain in attending to the results  of their blatant oppression of humanity in other parts of the world over many decades. South Africa and its political and strong corporate sector need to be active in advising and assisting the world on the issues that eventually resulted in the demise of apartheid in a peaceful practical manner. South Africa can only do this if it abandons its own racial prejudices in law, in business and its daily practices.

South Africa is not a free country unless it addresses economic justice, land justice, racial and cultural justice and many other social and political prejudices that haunts our society. Employment Equity (EE), Affirmative Action (AA), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Broad Based – Black Economic Empowerment are discriminatory in deed and in practice and these legislation are putting the security of our people and our country at risk.

We can so easily be the country of choice together with the support of our African brothers and sister nations throughout the African continent. The commitment, the energy, the humaneness of its people, the natural resources and its many unknown and untouched beauty of Africa are reasons that we prepare ourselves now as a government, corporate sector, labour and civil society in show the true beauty and excellence of our people.

Research and development and competency training are essential components required to build and transform world trust, LOVE and care for the sustainable growth and development of a free world and respect for human diversity and the protection of creation.

There are so many others that share these sentiments of true freedom, liberation and democracy for all with no “BUT’s”. South African remain to live in darkness and in a daze of “what if”. We are positive in our knowledge but do we share the sentiment expressed in our Hearts. I am convinced of our inherent LOVE for liberation, freedom and true democracy. The challenge for us is to arise from our slumber and to build on what we have.

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One thought on “Economic Transformation The Quantum Leap.

  • Epaphrus Senona

    Definitely true Mories, well said South Africa not only need to be known for it World class social and economic transformation policies, we need to work  even harder in making them effective and outcome based.All socila groups should receive equall stake of our democracy   even those at at  the grassroots.Freedom and wealth of our country should be shared by all who live in South regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation etc. Our policies should be very active in orchestrating a democratic  South Africa that is viewed and experienced by all .

    Scholars should as well dig deeper in  finding  sustainable solutions that will aid the government in making policies better suited to the needs of the South African citizenry.