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I am unable to get a written confirmation letter from both Dhet and Saqa for my N6 National awarded after 2 yrs in service training in the finance division. I have N4 – N6 and the N6 National Diploma, yet I battle to get someone to confirm how many NQF it carries. My employer is  considering promotion however they need me to get a confirmation.  I need help, can somon e advice. Thks

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6 thoughts on “NQF 360 credits

  • Barbara Pillay

    Hi Anna,

    I trust this will be of assistance to you.

    In the case of N courses of 0.5 years duration the relevant:

    • N4 (0.5 year duration), 60 credits.
    • N5 (0.5 year duration), 60 credits.
    • N6 (0.5 year duration), 60 credits.
    • 18 months Practical Experience, 180 credits.

      In the case of N courses of 0.33 years duration:

    • N4 (0.33 year duration), 40 credits.
    • N5 (0.33 year duration), 40 credits.
    • N6 (0.33 year duration), 40 credits.
    • 24 months Practical Experience, 240 credits

    All the best – an extract from the Report 191 from DHET & SAQA Qualification Rules.



  • Diana Ndlhovu

    Hi Ntsiki@saqa,

    Wanted assistance we running a college, there are learners who did not get their certificates since from 2008 and 2012. The reason being that there are new SETA employees, and they request that we re-verify  the PoEs of learners that have certificate numbers in their system others were uploaded but did not print certificates. They also need verification reports and dates from us meanwhile we haven’t been given those reports. What should we do for the sake of poor learners? I need urgent advice that can cater for these learners crisis.

  • Patrick Dowling

    Sorry to hear that Anna, but not surprised. Also waiting for certificates from SETAs for several learners. I think the issue needs to be taken up strategically at SAQA director level. Too many people’s working lives are being compromised.

  • Moegsien Harris

    You need to at least tell us for what certificate you studied, which college or institute, what examination did you sit for and what confirmation regarding results you received.

  • Calvin Mabaso

    Good day, ypull have to apply for your Diploma from the institution where you have studied. Upon receiving the application they will be able to give you confirmation letter. A diploma is on NQF 6