Let’s get the nation to work and awake government and the corporate sector away from “Day Dreaming”. 1

The President of our nation has made great comments in proposing the industrialisation of the South African economy and also acknowledging that the global economies are “sick”. We truthfully agree to these sentiments and we are prepared to assist and support our “rainbow nation” in accelerating the vision.

The notion of “….. the evil in men doth lie is oft interred in his bones …….” need to be remedied by all of us and we must be bold and prepared in creating the necessary change that will bring out the best of ourselves as a loving, caring people that we can surely trust. That is true leadership and that will make us the winning nation among nations. We need to get rid of those who carry the “baggage” of our past oppressive history and get rid of legislation that discriminate on the basis of race, culture, religion and all of the other oppressive thoughts about ourselves.

When the revered Nelson Mandela echoed that change and transformation is a process, we said “yes” but we never acted on his good knowledge and wisdom. We are part of the global economy and no longer the flavour, nor are we the “sweetheart” of the investors. We require real leaders that can and will engage with the international community in a manner that we learn the culture and understanding on how we can develop and grow our economy and its people. Let us learn from our past and from the weaknesses and strengths of other nations. Our people do not aspire to a knowledge economy and our resources are drained in social handouts. We give our people enough to eat in order to satisfy that need but never succeed in showing them “how to fish”.

The task for us to stand together and work together in order to succeed in growing a real sustainable economy requires that we all make some sacrifices towards the well-being of a knowledgeable nation. The source is in changing the mindset of racial and cultural divide to help each other in “how to fish”. Educating and building academic infra-structure in where it is most needed must be a priority in imparting the necessary skills that our economy require. We have much of theory but very little in practice and we therefore need to support a technical college structure that develop farmers and competent workers in our lucrative mining sector, working engineers and construction workers like electricians, carpenters, welders, plumbers etc, and many of our architectural technicians, accountants and health workers are deliberately at times held back by some professional institutes and statutory associations who regard competencies only through what they term ” relevant academic” qualifications. These are at most times working against many competent workers who have given the best of their expertise in doing the work that many theorists are getting the credit for. We require the political intervention in order to unblock our many competencies that we have among our nation. This will be a bold step in the right direction just like we want to ensure real transformation in sport.

Once we have a knowledge base that talks to our growing and sustainable economy, so can we build and economic and financial infra-structure that support our health and welfare, housing, water and energy supplies and a host of other services that will enhance good corporate governance, academic research & development, transporting our knowledge to other parts of the world and servicing our debt in a manner that we can assist and support humanity to develop where the necessity require us to support a noble cause.

We LOVE our country and moreso we LOVE the “Rainbow Nation”. Do not sit idle but echo your support to this noble cause. 

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