Economic transformation will change South Africa in the formidable free nation that it must aspire to become. 2

Now that I really have the attention of those who really believe that hanging on the culture-based sectarianism is the answer to the nation’s survival must admit that Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Affirmative Action (AA) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) legislation have been central in the decline in our national economic position, as well as the decline in our quality of life, UBUNTU, security, business and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Discriminatory practices in our socio-economic and political activities can never be condoned and it smacks of oppression, apartment tactics and make us the “laughing comic” nation to the international civil society. Reversing oppression, discrimination practices create the increase in protectionist groups over sectarian activities, cultures and beliefs, which become the breeding ground for negative connotations in marketing South Africa and South Africans to the rest of the free world.

The sooner government, labour representatives and the conglomerates changes its stance of protectionism and discriminatory legislation, the better chance will we have in building a sound growing economy and a better life for all who live in our beautiful country. South Africa can only really call itself a liberated and free nation once the economy and its natural resources are freed from oppressive rule.

The potential for South Africa to have an 8% GDP and to once more lead Africa as the economic hub is a real challenge for those who control the political and economic “power”. It is necessary for us to take up the challenge of becoming leaders by being bold enough to change our history once more towards prosperity and success. We will be proud and the rest of the free world will be proud that we are a focused, loving and caring society, accepting that all of humanity must be free and that everyone must have the right to add value to the betterment of humanity and creation as a whole.

We need to commit more of our spending in developing much more leaders, develop our over-populated squatter camps into decent housing and better social health services, spend much more money in equal and better education for our township dwellers, transform our educators in the squatter and township areas to perform quality driven outcomes education, and make our justice and legal system much more accessible to the poorer sectors of our society. Build the infra-structures of the law agencies where it rightfully belongs.

All of these can be done if we have the right degree of political and economic will to transform and to change South Africa and to align this profound Vision, Mission and Purpose to the strong belief that this is what the majority of South Africans yearn for in order to live in a free, loving, caring and democratic society,

Stop the “small talk” in government, labour and business, listen attentively to civil society call on a better and safe environment for all. Turn all of the constructive criticism towards greater opportunities for all.

I rest my case…………….. for now…………

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2 thoughts on “Economic transformation will change South Africa in the formidable free nation that it must aspire to become.

  • Steve Short

    Moegsien for president.  Add to that list – a robust political system where politicians are allowed to vote according to their conscience and not along party political guidelines; manning up, respecting demonstrating accountability for the recommendations of independent bodies (eg the Public Protector); and the Government leading from the front, setting the example, leading by example and being the example – a government that we can ALL be proud of.