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My conscience has been challenging my Heart for over 20 years into our democracy and repeatedly tell me that Affirmative Action (AA), Employment Equity (EE), Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) are are the latest “buzz” words for job reservation, Pluralism, segregation and Apartheid. It smacks as much like racism and oppression to me.

Can anyone justify that this system portrays a “free and fair” country that is sacred to its national constitution and the valued bill of rights. Parliament and most of its entities of state is in the wilderness whilst few of us realise that our society is completely vulnerable and entirely divided into more racial and cultural sectors even unknown to an apartheid era. It is hillarious to assume that everything is good and well and that real change and transformation are taking place in our country. Let me remind everyone that no ordinary person in its right mind would like to be known as an AA, EE or a BB-BEE appointment. We are indeed a shameful society having to discriminate on our own citizens based on a identity document number that traces back to your racist standing during the apartheid era.I am baffelled and really challenged whether I will ever see during my life-time as part of humanity that we will be a united nation, diverse in our race, culture and other paraphernalia that our scatoma tell us to believe, to ever be a free society.

Good corporate governance, corruption in state as well as in the private business conglomerates, poor health & welfare services, a disastrous education system (hardly skills based), a downward sliding economy with no real growth in sight leaves much to be desired of our “rainbow nation”. I can hardly add some good to say of our justice system that I expect to see its role as taking action when the state overstep its might of power over the constitution, the bill of rights, justice, human dignity, and developing the buzz word of ubuntu, almost like saying “if there is no bread, give them cake to eat”.

It is clear like day light that we need foreign investment but without a reasonable competent national workforce in place, that is not forthcoming and what may have been potential investors look at us as “losers” . The economy of Nigeria is growing in-spite of the negative marketing by the western world regarding this successful African country. Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya are also emerging African nations and so are so many others. Many African countries do not suffer the trauma of AA, EE, BEE and now BB-BEE legislation. Our currency value changes by a blink of an eye, our GDP is sliding rapidly downwards and many other economic indicators tell us to get rid of our racist past and to get our nation “back to work”. With all the good intent that few of us may have of a “model” democracy, a free or a mixed economy, nothing is closer to the truth. Having to sign trade agreements with so many countries, many of them slave drivers and “blood suckers” will not get us any “brownie points” in our campaign for human justice, the freedom & rights of humanity etc. I come to realise that in-spite of our social welfare policies, there are people of all racial and cultural segments of our divided society, poor people as well as decent people who find themselves unemployed as a result of unfair labour and”designated employee group” practices are starving humanity.

I LOVE my country, I LOVE our Creator, I LOVE all humanity and this greater challenges of breaking the shackles of apartheid from the minds and the practices of our government, the business sectors and to some degree members of our society is an ongoing effort that I may not fail to do my bit for justice, truth and conciliation.

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